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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Find the Missing Freeze Tech

One of the side missions involves finding some of Mr. Freeze's missing tech. The tech is located in the Steel Mill. Even if you've completed the game, Joker's men will still roam various points of the mill, so clear them out whenever you run into them. Make your way to the mill's basement until you find a group of Joker's men having a round of target practice. Ambush them and take them all out. Make your way to the side of the room and claim Freeze's missing tech to earn the Freeze clusters.

Find Nora Fries

After completing the game, Mister Freeze will narrow down Nora Fries' location to the Steel Mill area. One of the side buildings will hide Nora, but if you try and go in through the front door, Joker's goons will lock it. Go around the side towards the water and toss down a Freeze Bomb. Jump onto the makeshift ramp and use the Batclaw to pull yourself towards a destrucible wall. Apply explosive gel and blow your way in. Clear out Joker's goons and analyze Nora's location. Return to Freeze to complete the side mission.

Unlock the Catch Achievement

You'll need the Remote Control Batarang for this. Look around for the mysterious figure that's watching Batman. If you find him, do not approach him. Stand at a decent distance and toss your Remote Control Batarang at him. He'll catch it and you'll unlock the Achievement.

Unlock the Gotham Base Jumper Achievement

Complete the first four AR missions to unlock the Glide boost. Climb to the top of Wonder Tower and find the horizontal beam. Glide off, go in circles, and continuously boost off the beam until the Achievement unlocks.

Unlock the Story Teller Achievement

After completing the game, enter Two Face's courthouse through the back and find Calendar Man in one of the cells. Find a nearby calendar with circled dates and make sure to visit Calendar Man on each of these dates. Needless to say, this one will take a while, but if you insist on cheating, change the date on your console.