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If Metroid and P.O.P. had a baby...

posted by Toast4Twenty (PARK CITY, KS) Sep 5, 2013

Member since Jun 2013

IF you want to feel like Batman after he drank 3 extra cans of whoop a#$ then start playing this franchise. If you also want to increase your amount of rage quits then click 'rent' now. A Batman fan cannot be disappointed with this game, it has a great story. The way you must navigate Batman through the twisted up corridors and courtyards of Arkham while fighting off mobs of thugs reminded me a lot of Prince of Persia. When you find areas or after most achievements Batman will upgrade his equipment, it reminded me of when Samus (from metroid) would find her equipment and that nostalgia wasn't a bad thing.
The way you must reference the map to navigate also reminded me of Metroid. It is a short game compared to others, I focused on the main objectives and it took me about 10 hours to complete. The replay value does not exist. Once you beat the story mode the challenge mode will unlock. Which is basically a non-stop see how high you can combo arena. I played normal mode my first try and had to stop playing because I got so frustrated, not because I kept dying. I would rage quit because the retry start points were usually a lot farther back then needed. Unless the enemy is unarmed then Batman can die very easily and then you have to start all over again and do the same tasks until you don't die. I.E. My objective is to secure the room, there are 8 armed guards I must subdue. I have subdued 6 of them and then a freak accident happens where one guard notices me and shoots the life out of Batman. I now have to start all over, get to that room and try to take them all out again. Imagine doing that at least ten times, every time the situation comes up. It gets to the point where you'll probably say "I wish I could just cheat past this part because I'm sick of doing this." When you do die you'll have to listen to a brief and cheesy cut scene of a Villain taunting you and you'll most likely be screaming "THAT'S BULLS$I%!"

But any Batman fan should definitely rent it

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I could not be the joker

posted by gismo (LOUISA, KY) Dec 29, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

I beat the game on ps3 and did not get the joker what the heck is wrong with this please answer me back

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posted by MikeHorror (HOBOKEN, NJ) Nov 29, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

def one of the best all around games ever made.

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