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Easily Game of the Year

posted by damianrock (DULUTH, GA) Nov 4, 2009

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With GameFly, I've played all the hot games that have been made for ps3/360. This is easily the best game (non FPS) I've played for the next gen consoles. With the perfect mixture of exploring, fighting, and solving puzzles and crimes, you never get bored. The voices are done by 90's cartoon talent, and the story bends more towards that version of Batman, which means the game is geared towards teens of the 90's (who are around their 30's now if you're bad at math). Finally, the fighting system does an excellent job of showing us how Batman is better fighter than everyone else, by slowing the action to allow the player to think-out the next move. How do you show superior fighting skill? Take no damage. Knock the bad guys down with one punch. No, Batman is a superhuman, he's just well trained, and the slowing of gameplay makes you feel it. I'd also say that the game is just long enough. This game sucks you in, and just when you start to think "it's been 3 days, maybe I should go to work," it's over.

I would say this is really the first game, besides BioShock, that is just plain polished. Well thought-out, planned, and executed.

My only complaint is the ending. You work for hours to finish, only to have a couple minutes of end scene... oh well.

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Plugging a Batman Comic book into your console ...

posted by Ekuriox (FORT WORTH, TX) Aug 25, 2009

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Is not all what to expect from this new Batman title. The controls are a cinch to get use to and drives the game into a great balance of functionality. There wasn't anything of the game that is difficult. With very mild violence and language, as set like the animated series, no parent would be too concerned letting their kid watch or even play Batman: Arkham Asylum (if their willing to give up the controller).

You play as the Dark Knight, Batman. Taking the Joker to Arkham Asylum, Batman finds there was far more then just admitting the psychotic Joker to the Asylum. As a new sinister plot unfolds Batman has to defeat the Joker at a game of wit. In a Giant maze of Cat and mouse Joker conducts in the Arkham Asylum.

Yet another Gem Warner Bros Interactive has created. DC Comics, composed a story that any Batman fan would consider adding this to their Batman collection. Batman: Arkham Asylum game elements really set you inside the shoes of Batman.( or cape?) The Arkham Asylum is on a massive Island that leaves you to explore and scale the Island trying to find clues that would lead you to Jokers main agenda. You will be finding yourself checking the map, a lot, when you get lost. Joker isn't the only villain you will encounter while wondering threw a endless map. Using gadgets not only to climb and defeat opponents; you will also be investigating for clues to find out what plot that is in store and trying to get a lead on the Joker.

The Online attribute allows you to test how fast you can defeat sections of a map and allows you to be placed on a latter board. Which gives a Arcade -like- style to the game, which by seeing if you can beat your friends with points.

Having all that, the game is truly a World of the Dark Knight. All the characters, even the Joker, has background stories of how they came to be, and with additional content. You should also know, that lowering the brightness will give, Batman:Arkham Asylum, a much more vivid depth of color in the game ...

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best game on the market till...

posted by chazz323 (el monte, CA) Oct 6, 2010

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i didnt play this game when it first came out. That was my mistake. when i eventually played it WOW i coudnt believe how great it was. every dynamic of this game is incredible. graphics 9.8 out of 10,
gameplay 10 out of 10, sound 10 out of 10. im addicted to this game and trust me if you decide to rent it or buy it (i bought it) your going to fill the same way as i do. overall rating 10 out of 10.

have fun playing it, cant wait for arkham city hoping its as good as this 1.


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