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posted by GamerOnWheelz (KANSAS CITY, MO) Feb 27, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

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First things first. This game rocks. I have played many Batman games throughout my life and none have came close to this one. I love the Dark theme, of course it was expected after Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight movie.
Game play wise. This game is easy to master.
Hand to hand combat feels and responses smooth and tight. Of course not if your a button smasher. The only problem with Batman:AA is the stories length. But I won't go into details about it, because I'm still in shock and awe from the game. Something i was also surprised about was the challenge modes. A great addition to add for replay value.

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Easily the best Batman game ever.

posted by Sameth (ARLINGTON, TX) Aug 25, 2009

Member since Aug 2009

54 out of 66 gamers (82%) found this review helpful

It's not bogged down by story, but it has enough to keep the player interested. The controls are easy to learn and once you get the hang of it, you feel like The Bat.

As a comic book fan (and in particular Batman), I've wanted a game like this forever. Watching some of the old cartoons, I just get the urge to jump around, beat up bad guys, go toe to toe with his villains and play with his gadgets and this game allows me to do this without buying the tights and getting hurt because this Batman has all of that stuff, which really is something I wanted from other Batman games in the past, but this one delivers and delivers it well.

On top of that, the voices are great! Batman is voiced by Kevin Conroy who is best known for voicing Batman and his co-star, the great Mark Hamill, who reprises The Joker. Neither of them have lost their edge and the both are just as great as they were in the Animated series.

The graphics look great, too. They created their own, fairly open Arkham Asylum, which is fun to explore and fight in. The costumes are original, but still remind you of the character they're supposed to. They could've easily have gone The Dark Knight route (which I wouldn't have minded), but they didn't. Instead, they created their own and it looks great. Batman in particular looks awesome. His costume combines the old gray and black with body armor. It's subtle, but you can see the details in the cutscenes.

Story--8/10, Graphics 9/10, Fun 10/10, Controls 9/10, Music 9/10, Overall 10/10 (I know, it doesn't average out, but this is really a great game. I bought it not long after I got it from Gamefly.)

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Very Good

Close to Perfect

posted by DonTry2Hrd (EL MONTE, CA) Sep 3, 2009

Member since Jan 2008

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This game is as close to perfect as a....well, Batman game can get. The graphics are superb, the fight system is top-notch, and the voice acting is hands down one of the best ever implemented in a video game. This is especially true since the voices are all so familiar to Batman Animated Series fans.

When we're talking about a Batman game, we're basically looking at three things: gadgets, fight system, graphics (Batman is a stylish hero--if any superhero is accused of being metrosexual, my bet is on Bruce Wayne's alter ego). The first, gadgetry, doesn't disappoint. Batman's array of crime fighting gadgets includes all the fan favorites from the no frills batarang to an ultrasonic batarang that attracts certain thugs' attention. There's the zip line, the bat claw, and detonation gel. All these are used extensively throughout the game in both fighting and navigating your way around the island asylum.

The fight system in the game makes this game THE Batman game. It's simple and intuitive yet involving style made this game very enjoyable. Batman can rack up XP by moving seemlessly in combat, taking on hordes of henchmen in fluid motion while countering, stunning, and using gadgets.

Lastly, the graphics. Based on the Unreal engine, Arkham Asylum boasts excellent graphics comparable to Gears of War. Lighting and shadow are terrific, as well as animations of henchmen and civilians alike.

Although a fairly short game in terms of the story mode, this game features tons of extra challenges to climb up the leaderboards for. However, all the hidden riddles and Riddler's challenges can be time consuming so the comprehensive gamer may easily clock anywhere between 15-20 hours on their first play through.

This game is a must play for all Batman fans and just about any casual gamer who isn't too old for Batman. And if you are, well as Mr. T says, "I pity the fool!"

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