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Batman: Arkham Asylum


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This is an AWESOME game

posted by 44YOLDEYES (PRAIRIE VILLAGE, KS) Aug 28, 2009

Member since Oct 2007

A reviewer at gamespot said it was the Bioshock of 2009 and they were right. I loved the environment of that game and this is just as eerie and cool. The controls are easy and smooth, the joker and boss mobs are intense looking..can you say scarecrow!!!

I love the trivia fact about each character such as first appearance of the the characters and what comic/issue # they were in.

NO other comic book superhero game even comes CLOSE to the quality of this release...period!

Rent it or better yet BUY IT.

I smell game of the year here. The only game gonna even come close is CODMW2

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It's that good!

posted by bugspayfl (HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO) Aug 28, 2009

Member since Jan 2009

Let me start off with wow! If third person action games get your heart pumping then don't miss out on this title. So many comic book based games have fallen by the wayside but this Batman is stellar. The gameplay is intuitive and engrossing. All of the batman comic book characters are here at arkham asylum and the story behind each one is unlockable as you play the game. The control scheme is good and the slow motion finishing moves are awesome. It's a little hard to get used to using the right trigger and Y button to finish a downed opponent but overall the button layout is good. There are a few minor camera flaws but this is just nitpicking. The gadgets that you use like the explosive gel are satisfying and there is nothing better than spraying a downed enemy with gel and watching his buddy come over to help and blowing them both up! The game has a lot of depth with challenge modes and an enormous amount of riddler's puzzles that you can solve. For a game with no multiplayer there is a lot of replay value. (I hear that downloadable content may be added for more replay. That would be awesome!) This game is a must add to your Q and definetely worth a buy.

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posted by Joshdy1116 (GLENNVILLE, GA) Aug 28, 2009

Member since Aug 2009

ok what to say about this game other than it was amazing. easily the best batman if not 360 game i've played and the only game i've ever played that made doing the side quest so much fun i could not stop working on the riddle challenge so if you're a batman fan or just looking for something fun to play on the weekend this is 100 percent worth the rent.

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