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This game does justice to Batman

posted by dahumble (CHICAGO, IL) Aug 31, 2009

Member since Sep 2008

There are lots of boring games that come from comic book characters. Most developers wont spend any real time or thought into making a beloved comic book character/s come to life in a video game (think any licensed game from a movie licensed from a comic book in the past 20 years). This game picks those expectations up in the air, plants its foot on the ground and breaks expectations over its knee. This game looks pretty good. From the way that batmans physique is presented to the wear and tear that his batsuit takes over the course of the game. By the very end of the game you look like you have been fighting for yours and others lives all night long. Then you have combat that is not as simplistic as you might believe. There is an attack button, a counter button, and a stun button. You can just run around trying to hit everyone and make it through the game barely (on normal). We all know batman is not about just running around smacking people down. He is a master of combat as well as using his brains. This game does well to make sure that you feel that exhiliaration of working a couple of knife and stun rod yeilding thugs over. The combat feels fluid and you move very smooth in combat. Plus there are so many different ways to go about combat. You can use your batarang in combat as well as your grapple to pull enemies towards you and reign an elbow in the middle of their forehead. The story is pretty cool. I liked hearing joker throughout the game. I wont give this a 10 or a game of the year award because I wont play this more than once. There is no replay value at all. Once you find everything there is no point to play it again. If you want to hone your skills you can just do the challenges. Then you wont have to listen to the story being retold. How many hours will you really spend there? By the way I am a firm believer in once a story is told to me it will never have the same magic as it did the first time. Other than that one complaint this game is sick.

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Simply amazing

posted by King4day (CHARLOTTE, NC) Aug 31, 2009

Member since Jan 2007

This game has it all.

The graphics are absolutely incredible.
The music is movielike.
The story could have been made into a movie itself.

They left a few top villians I can think of out of the game that can lead to a sequal of sorts. I won't name them for the sake of not spoiling anything.

The achievements in this game are fun to get. While a good 20+ come along with the story of the game, just like any other 'sandbox' type of game, you can get the rest with patience.

This is worth buying, however since it's gamefly, a rent is certainly worth it too.

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Best Comic

posted by lotw01 (PALMDALE, CA) Aug 30, 2009

Member since Nov 2003

Best Comic book/superhero game to date. This game was done right. It is a joy to play Don't wait, rent this game.

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