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Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean

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High Quality, Need Patience

posted by Mulley007 (MEDFORD, NY) Mar 19, 2007

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You can tell a lot of time has been invested into the design of this game. It's good overall, the voiceovers are good, storyline is very good, it is just longer than it needs to be...I really don't think it was necessary to even have a 2nd disc for this game. I was really enjoying it up to the 2nd CD, but having to do endless searches for my friends in areas where I already explored really bothered me, and made the game boring. i would have rated the game a weak 9, but the redundancy took away from the game. And the bosses seem to be too easy or way too hard. Looking forward to trying the sequel, though, so, I guess it's not that bad. Hopefully they tweaked it for the better...

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Something nice for your 'Cube

posted by Meekus (ROCKLIN, CA) May 26, 2006

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Baten Kaitos is...well...different, but in a good way. Although I'm sure there are other games out there that play similarly, I've not seen their like, so Kaitos was a new and fresh gaming experience for me. The Battle System uses a Trading Card Game format, which is frustrating getting use to at first, but the game's difficulty is forgiving long enough to get a grasp on things. After you get a hang of how to fully take advantage of the Card system, you'll spend 1/2 your time perfecting character's decks to allow for maximum combo damage. To some this may seem drab, but to an avid Magic: The Gathering fan like myself, deck-building is 1/2 the fun, so why not spend 1/2 my time doing it!?!
Otherwise, the game's storyline starts off chaotic and confusing, but will quickly pick up becomes surprisingly compelling, using average RPG cliches to its advantage anfter twisting them around a bit. After no time at all you'll realize how big a world you've entered.
The graphics are some of the best I've seen on a GC RPG. Character animations are nothing special, but above average. The background landscapes, however, are absolutely stunning!
The game's music and sound effects are average, if not a bit annoying. But by far Kaitos' worst feature is it's voice acting and dubbing. Normally I love voice work in my RPG's, no matter how bad, but this is unbearable. Trust me! Turn of the voices as soon as you can! The game will improve!

All in all, Kaitos is fun--something cool and different with a satisfying ending. Just turn the volume down or off and pop in your favorite Midnight Syndicate CD, and enjoy!

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Very Good

Well i like it!

posted by bigngamer (LAWTON, MI) May 21, 2006

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This game may not be for everyone. Some love the game and some find it mediocre. Personaly its one of my favs.

The things i like about it is that i'm a huge fan of TCGs(Trading Card Games) and CCGs (collectable Card Games), when playing the game you colect cards make your deck better and even select strategies from the cards you win and find. And i found my self going to areas and constantly spending hours just finding new and better cards for the next big battle. The card system is kind of different and just plain fun.

The graphics and audio are mostly done well. The colors and pixles belnd together in a wonder mix of artistic joy. The clouds and colors just flow off in to this beautiful world. But the audio is kinda... well odd. The voce acting is bad and it sounds weird when the charcters talk. But on the good side the music is rely quite good and sounds nice too. over all the graphics an audio are alitle below average.

And finaly the story. I know its a bit cliched but I realy enjoyed watching the chacters on this quest and thought it was odd but new and refreshing from the other RPGs. The story has a lot of twists an turns.

Rent this, if you enjoy the first bit you play (play atleast 7 hrs in my opinion before you decide wether you like it or not)buy it for the second disk cus thats where all the big twists are and all the great card battles (because you can choose from more cards) ill give this game an...


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