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Bass Pro Shops: Trophy Hunter 2007

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Really Bad

Horrible Hunting Game

posted by Omnilink (PHIL CAMPBELL, AL) Jan 10, 2007

Member since Nov 2005

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This game is so bad it makes every single hunting game out there look like a perfect 10. It is buggy, incomplete, and no fun to play for multiple reasons.

1. First off let me tell you that the developers decided to not allow the player to invert their aim. A good deal of hunting games take place looking down the barrel of a gun, and if you're used to inverted aim this thing is horrible to play. This is just the developers being lazy and inconsiderate.

2. The controls are very buggy. You will find that simple things like entering vehicles, and changing weapons works randomly at best. The controls are extremely unresponsive most of the time.

3. The game features characters with aiming statistics so if your aiming stats are not high then your shots are inaccurate. Many games do this, but this game takes it to the extreme and makes your shots way off target even with a moderate aiming skill. It's hard enough to even find an animal in the game to shoot at.

4. Character and vehicle movement is odd. The sensitivity is high for strafing, but not for aiming and it's not adjustable.

5. Deep water is frequent in the game, and you can't determine deep water from shallow water. Your hunter dies if he comes in contact with the water for a few seconds so it's easy to die.

6. You find animals by running around mashing the Y button. Based on your stats you may or may not get a message saying an animal was there so many minutes ago. It is quite hard to find animals on the medium or higher difficulty levels. Now I know they were trying to make it realistic, but I don't want to wait hours in a video game to shoot at something. Hunting video games are meant for a quick fix.

In conclusion I want to say that every single hunting game I have ever played has been more fun than this. Go rent Cabela's Deer Hunter or Big Game Hunter if you want a decent hunting game.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

Painfully Boring

posted by Entaru (West Jordan, UT) Jun 18, 2007

Member since Jul 2006

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This has to be the worst game of it's series, Of the 4 hours i played this game(i beat it in that amount of time) About 3:30 mins of it was spent randomly moving around, falling into 3 inch ponds and drowning and trying to figure out the controls.

The Tutorial doesn't show you much, It freezes every time you want to do something, There' s only like 8 levels and once you figure out the 'trick' you can beat every level within an hour.

P.S. The trick is, Go to sleep in your tent until 5:30 AM, enjoy.

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GF Rating


Bass Pro Shops Trophy Hunter 2007

posted by willeisa (EL PASO, TX) Dec 15, 2006

Member since Dec 2006

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This game is too easy. The graphics are sup par and the game play is so-so. I figured the game out in a couple hours play. All you need to do is hunt in the early morning and late evening to complete the objectives. There was no challenge or entertainment. I really don't recommend Bass Pro Shops to anyone.

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