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Bass Pro Shops: The Strike


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Really Bad

The Strike Bass Pro Shops

posted by JimmyLK (SHIRLEY, IN) May 7, 2010

Member since Nov 2006

Terrible!!! The Game froze up with a fatal error on the fifth tourney and I could not advance. Graphics were so so and the game play was horrific and lame. Definitely the worst fishing game ever and quite possibly the one of the worst games I've ever played. At least in the top ten worst anyway.

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Bass Pro Shops; The the Srtike

posted by Redhawk16 (GLENDALE, CA) Mar 19, 2010

Member since Mar 2009

Nice relaxing game. You don't always have to kill somebody or blow them up.

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Dont waste your time

posted by Catfish25 (MINNEAPOLIS, MN) Mar 10, 2010

Member since Feb 2009

Im sure there are worse games available than this but I would say The Strike is one of the worst games ive ever played. More like a way for Bass Pro Shop to advertise through a video game.

The beginning of the game starts out alright. You're in the Bass Pro Shop looking at equipment. You start out with $100, enough to buy a few lures and maybe some better line and a reel. Then the garbage begins. You go out in your boat to the first lake. Driving and casting are pretty self explanatory and easy to understand. The actual fishing part is terrible. The camera angle on the bait, once in the water, is so bad that you cannot tell what you are doing. I caught a fish after about 10 minutes of trying but then didnt catch another for a half hour before I finally quit.

1. I had a terrible time finding fish, probably my inexperience at fishing
2. When I did find fish they didnt want any of the bait I had available. Also a possibility this was related to my inexperience with fishing.
3. How much actual fishing experience does one need to learn how to fish in a video game?

Overall im sure the game might have gotten better once you go through the introduction. You need about 50 experience points to unlock tournament mode. The more experience you earn the more lakes and boats and equipment you can unlock. However, it seems as though it would take many hours, much more than one is willing to endure, to even unlock the tournament mode. I caught 1 fish and it earned me 5 experience points. Thats 10 of the same fish I would have to have caught to move onward.

Unless you are truly dedicated to fishing games you should probably pass on this one. Out of previous fishing games I have played this had the best graphics. Although those other games were on Super Nintendo and they dont really compare graphic wise anyway. There are better things to waste your time on.

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