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Very unique and enjoyable

posted by turnstep (PHOENIXVILLE, PA) Aug 4, 2012

Member since May 2009

This is one of the few games that I ended up buying, as I liked it so much. The story and background is unique to say the least. It seems like a simple dungeon crawler at first, but it is much deeper than it first appears, so keep at it until you puzzle some things out, like how to save and transfer items.

I think part of the overall low reviews is people expecting this to be something it is not. This is a game unlike any you have played before. Yes, part of it is sheer dungeon crawling, but the item system, "level reset" hook, graphics, sounds, and backstory add so much more. A fun game, once you learn it well.

Giving it 9 out of 10 because I think the no instructions / immersive drop in goes a little too far in the beginning, and some things could be explained more.

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GF Rating


Azure dreams meets Dark cloud

posted by Warhiet (SUMTER, SC) Feb 15, 2012

Member since Feb 2012

Ok THIS game is completely unoriginal. I like the game but i think it should be known that its idea was completely yanked from Azure Dreams, a game boy game i was a massive fan of as a child (and still am today to be honest) the game also had an appearance on playstation but it was a dumbed down version. Dont ask me why, but it was.

Basically you had a tower, went into it, and tried to make it to the top. each floor you could save at, inbetween floors, and had the floors randomly generated. You started at lvl 1 each time you entered the tower and if you died you lost whatever was in your bags. Any vague comparrisons so far?
There was no real story to azure dreams, just a loose one about your father going into the "Monster Tower" and dying. then you going in on your sixteenth birthday to hunt just like he did. You could build up stuff in the town after progressing up the tower... blah blah blah! but the point is, while some things are different between the two games, the games are a spin from the same idea collum. (Im very much aware that my spelling is terrible. Please dont remind me)

The fact that your vitality constantly drops reminds me of dark cloud, though i didnt play much of it. think the comparison ends there though. ill play dark cloud just to be sure. However it surprizes me how a lot of games these days just jack ideas from other games and try to pass them off as original. And the shocker?? NO ONE NOTICES!! And the few that do are told they are stupid and yada yada. anyway. Its a good game over all, and a reprieve from the average "It must be done THIS way!" deals for the modern game. A nice little gem, but the game seems to discourage exploration due to the vit drop then hp drop. yet its still like finding a diamond in what you thought would be a manure factory. I couldnt put it down when i got it and eventually bought it.

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GF Rating


Four out of ten.

posted by pizzasexual (HAMILTON, OH) Jun 21, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

The graphics were good, but the game itself is lacking. The dungeon setting I personally liked, but the fact that you had to start off at floor 1 each time you died, starting off also at lvl 1 (each time you died), and how easy it was to die after so many floors (or losing VI) made this game very difficult. You'd have to have a lot of patience to play this game because the story is good but the game-play could be a lot better. Also, the fact that you start out without any memories, and then meet people along the way without actually being prompted to find them and then them just giving you short monologue and then vanishing was weird. Overall this game is a 4 / 10.

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