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Fun, challenging, dark...everything I expected

posted by jjohn2478 (CARLSBAD, CA) Apr 13, 2008

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I pre-ordered this game and have only played it once since it came yesterday, but I fell in love with it immediately. I eagerly waited for it to come after ordering it weeks ago and in the meantime I looked up every screen shot, video, and review I could find. I wasn't put off by any bad reviews because I knew what the game would be like having played many others like it in the past. Playing the original Rogue throughout my childhood, and loving it even more in adulthood, I knew that Baroque would be exactly what I've been looking for in a Wii game since the console came out. I personally have zero complaints with the controls or graphics and I'm looking forward to enjoying countless hours of game play for years to come. People who own the PS3 or XBOX360 may be put off by the graphics and repetitive nature of the game, but gamers who enjoy Rogue-like RPG's will love it.

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GF Rating


Long and slow

posted by DylanM (AUSTIN, TX) Apr 22, 2008

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The key issue with this game is that while the whole "dying is the first step" sounds really cool but makes gauging your progress nearly impossible. For anyone who doesn't know the backstory already, the progression of the game looks a lot like running in circles, albeit in randomly changing levels.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

If you're looking for a Wii RPG, rent fire emblem

posted by Keishka (TOLEDO, OH) Apr 11, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

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This game starts out with a cool anime-esque intro that doesn't really give you an idea of the story other than establishing there is a sephiroth-esque character somewhere in the game. After that, good luck. The game is what you make it because that's where a story ends. You wake up in a recovery tube and get very vague hints of where to go or what to do. They advertise you have to die to learn more? Well when you do and talk to people again they simply say "you know what to do, I assume you know, etc" which is pretty dissappointing.

Story aside the graphics in the game rival some of the best on the playstation(1). Honestly was this game made for the PSP? Is the dither effect on purpose? or is it just to make the horrible textures seem like they are dark and creepy.

Actionwise this game feels like it was a computer programmers high school project. Pathetic. The "randomly generated" dungeon you work thru is so generic it reminds me of something I would of built with the original wolfenstein's world builder. It's obviously just cube after cube added together with the dumbest enemies you could ever think of slowly walking towards you(want an example? the most common enemy is just a fish, why a fish? i dunno they just float around slowly and eventually try to bite you), until you hit the C button 3 times and they die, or maybe they don't and you gotta press it again and watch the pitiful animation/action even longer.

My first review, lol but I just felt so strongly about this I had to warn people. If you're EMO and you want a dark depressing game that kinda hints at that but you gotta fill in the story, and don't mind bad graphics/action then this is for you, otherwise I'd look for another game.

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