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GF Rating


I don't get it

posted by Dtime2103 (STOW, OH) Apr 22, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

The game was very interesting. I managed to play the game for several hours but at the end I did not feel a purpose for playing the game. The game becomes quite repetitive, the graphics were not that great, and it was rather boring. It did not have anything about it that enticed me to continue playing it. I imagine there is someone out there who really enjoys the game, but I am not one of them.

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GF Rating


Slow, boring, repetitive

posted by RastaRoss (CONCORD, NH) Apr 16, 2008

Member since Jul 2007

At first this seemed like it would be a refreshing change to the repetitive RPG world. RPG is stretching it however. The idea of playing after death seemed like a cool idea. This turned into just repeating the same level again and again. As one reviewer said, it's like Diablo with a new dungeon every time to visit, aka setup for repetitive gameplay. Needless to say I spent 1 hour on the first level replaying the level again and again, and then fell asleep, woke up and packaged the game to send back to GF. The camera is a pain, the controls are boring. Shake the wiimote to do the same repetitive attack, again and again. You can throw stuff at enemies with "c" but apparently throwing a gun at an enemy destroys the weapon. Played on a 46" hdtv and it looked terrible. Just a poorly made game in my opinion.

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posted by ndean00 (TAMPA, FL) Apr 14, 2008

Member since Jul 2006

Like other people have stated I was really interested in this title. I read all the literature that was available and looked at all the screenshots etc etc. For the most part I am pretty accepting with games and am pretty open when I pick up new titles. There really isnt a type of game I do not like. However, As the title explains...I was pretty disappointed with this one...

Starts out with a pretty cool cut scene, tho visually its not that impressive. You are told that you have to atone for your sin to the world... which you shortly realize that the sin is renting this game from gamespy...

The controls are clearly not thought out...or made for a wii remote... maybe would be better with another controller..who knows.

Visually its not impressive but that is not necessarly a reason for me (or anyone) to not like a game.

The gameplay is what kills me. I have been a fan of dungeon crawlers in the past and even roguetype games! The camera seemed to always be at the wrong angle which will annoy anyone in any game. The dungeons, which seem to be randomly generated, are all the same. The combat system has three moves punch, kick and special by waving your wii-mote. Very slow combat and not very exciting to say the least... this title could have had some promise with a better combat system.

I played for maybe an hour and a half to really try to like the game. It was an hour and a half of me wanting to throw my wiimote out the window. I saw that it got poor reviews and was really trying to find some positives ... obviously I have nothing to report at the moment. I am gonna try to play it some more to get more feedback ... Im even going to go the extra mile and try to complete this one... however the noose seems to be a better alternative to playing this title.

the game is what it is ... Definitely not a purchase, maaaaybe a rental ... after you have played every possible game out, and are bored playing with your sister's dolls)

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