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GF Rating

Above Average

Somewhat Niche...

posted by Fengeir (VIRGINIA BEACH, VA) Apr 26, 2008

Member since Apr 2008

8 out of 13 gamers (62%) found this review helpful

Upon reading the description, Baroque sounds like a typical dungeon crawler. Well, quite honestly, it isn't. In a similar vein to some other games, character developmental progress (in terms of levels, stats, items) aren't saved between dungeon sequences. While you're presented with an opportunity to store (and later retrieve, thus "carrying over") some gear, for the most part, items are removed after "ending" a particular sequence. Graphically speaking, the game is about on par for being a late-issue PS2 title, and different weapons and armors, for the most part, look different, if predominately only in being palette swaps of similar pieces. The storyline starts off very slow, though, in truth, not being a fan of certain aspects of the game's system, I didn't play very deeply into it. As such, I can't honestly speak too much about later developments in the storyline. I can, however, write this as a bit of a "disclaimer" to other potential gamers. While you will advance the story, your character won't retain levels, stats, and most of his gear between dungeon excursions. You can only store items for later use while inside the dungeon (for the most part), and can only retrieve them prior to venturing into the dungeon. I cannot honestly say that it is a bad game on the grounds of disliking the system, as such a thing would be contradictory to an objective review, however, keep the system features in mind before you decide to try the game out.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Better than it's given credit for

posted by BarryWhite (SACRAMENTO, CA) Jun 26, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

3 out of 8 gamers (38%) found this review helpful

I must say that the low rating that this game gets is dissapointing because it's much better than that.

The controls for this game are pretty easy to master and the random dungeon generator makes the replay value of this game high.

Sure, you start over each time you die or exit the tower where most of the game takes place, but that's how you advance the story. It's a part of the game, so get over it.

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GF Rating


Horrific game controls are the beginnings...

posted by DirtHerder (TAMPA, FL) Apr 12, 2008

Member since Mar 2007

2 out of 9 gamers (22%) found this review helpful

Then your thrown into a randomly generated dungeon with decent(rare) to worthless(by the bucket load) weapons -get this, you get a gun that shots 4 rounds and becomes useless- and can only go "down". Of course you have a bunch of monsters that pick away at you and one even poisons you till your dead. Good luck in finding a way to heal yourself from it! I got a great glass sword that won't follow me down or breaks if I select something else. The last (and final time) playing this junk, I bit it in a room that I teleported into that had 6 rolling monsters while I carried (surprise!) the poisons eating me away.

It has a lock on to keep you on one target and I found it interesting that I for the first time in any game; didn't need to push a button to talk to someone. You just get near them and they start blathering the same stupid line over and over again. It looks like the story takes place in the "Matrix" of this world while you're forced to "dive" into it to regain your memory of some terrible sin you pulled... funny that. By the looks of it your playing a kid and I don't think someone that young pushed some Huge RED Button that destroyed the world. Maybe he wet his bed too often.

This game blew. Rent it for the eye bleeding pain of wasting your leisurely day away.

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