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BlueTongue Made this?

posted by ThatGamer (NEWPORT NEWS, VA) Feb 27, 2007

Member since Oct 2004

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To many gamers who browse the web for new titles, or any store-shelves, I know we all overlook ones labeled under "Kids and Family". However, to accurately judge this game genre, would be to call it a "Parlor Game".

The movie itself is the child of Over the Hedge and Animal House, in my opinion. The game itself is "Bully" by RockStar Games, meets Nickolodeon.

Why Bully? The controls, the gameplay, the mapping, everything from the core idea of how to set the game out reminds me of Bully aside from Graphics, Storyline, and Content Level.

However, comparisons aside, what people want to know about this game would be:
1) Does it suck?
That's like asking a racecar driver if Pro-Golf is fun. Try it out and expand your gaming, or read on.
2) What's the gameplay like?
Filled with mini-games, parlor-game style missions and activities, and goofy allusions to things kids wouldn't catch.
3) Is the music the drone of the bees?
Try a mix of country and rock, where the first image from this game that will enter your head is that of a Cow putting on Sunglasses Matrix Style to the song "Bad to the Bone."
4) What's movement like? (There are gamers who prefer not to play games where you can't move quickly.)
You can sprint, you can jump, you can ride bikes and upgrade the bikes, and my favorite form of transportation, sky-rocketing chickens.
5) Lastly, but not least, do you play as one of the movie characters?
Nope. You create a cow, male or female, and the breed of it. It works out well, though.

My only surprise is that "BlueTongue Made This?". Reason: They've made Jurassic Park a game, Starship Troopers a game, and have turned over a popular leaf in the Nickolodeon gaming.

Last words of wisdom: Coming from a guy who plays Grand theft Auto: San Andreas, gun'em downs and shoot'em ups in any form, and the obvious variety of RPG's, this is actually something I'm glad I rented.

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Barnyard party tonight!!

posted by gamekid265 (MAPLE HEIGHTS, OH) Jul 9, 2009

Member since Sep 2008

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Okay for some reason I love this game even though I've rented it a long while back but now that I think about it, it is just awsome to me maybe because I'm a kid I don't really know but I do know one thing it's just fun to make me as a cow and do a bunch of crazy pranks. Another cool feature is the barn, throughout the game you earn cash which you can use to turn the barn into a rad club and it changes during day and night transitions. During the day you got your normal looking barn with a few animals here and there, but throughout the game you can see drab versions of the items you've bought. But at night you can hear music playing and there is a security gaurd (an animal of course) at the door and everything is lit up and the place is crowded. The only small thing I have to say is that it sometimes gets a little repetitave with some of the missions. To end this reveiw I have to say that Barnyard is great to me but some may not feel the way but I still reccomend this game a bunch. ~Gamefly 4 eva

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Very Good


posted by lilith (BULLHEAD CITY, AZ) Sep 22, 2006

Member since Sep 2006

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This is a great game!! I love it more than the kids and I am not a video game fan.

I am however a cow fan and I love being able to pick my cow and do fun things with her.

The only problem we have and it may be a glitch is that we have 4 different cow files for this game on the same memory card and they seem to overlap.When my husband tried to furnish the barn at the beginning of his game it wouldn't let him because all theitems he was supposed to buy were sold already and in the barn as I have completed 78% of the decorating on my file and when our daughter upgraded her bike we all ended up with the rose bike. We will try with new memory cards and see if that fixes it. GREAT GAME!!!!!!!!!

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