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Very Good

A few thing that are good and bad in this game.

posted by secretcola (SATSUMA, FL) Dec 28, 2008

Member since Apr 2008

19 out of 24 gamers (79%) found this review helpful

I pre-order this game 1 1/2 months before it was released (which came with the 1st banjo kazooie game). When I played it, I loved it.
heres some good and bad in this game.

Good:#1:Rare brought back almost every charicter from the Banjo series(Tootys isnt in this game).
#2:You can build ANYTHING in this game (Almost the same as LittleBigPlanet. LBP lets you create anything in your story, all it takes is a little: Imagination)#3:You can show off your veichals by taking pitures of it, or sharing them with your friends on xbox live (xbox live is requied)#4:If you got xbox live, theres a patch/update where Rare make the text on the charicter talk box more bigger and slower so you can read what they are saying. Ther ssstill put in the sssame humor like the long ssssound on 1 of the charicter i forgot what hes name. oh well, but the witches ryming was swell.#5If you likr Rock music, Rare put in the rock n roll version of the banjo soundtrack.

Bad:#1: If you dont like Lrgo/LBP/useing your imagination (and much rather play gears of war), then you wont like this game.#2: The multiplayer haves only 3-6 players playing on the multiplayer. Not only that, most of the online challenges are realy stupid. Avoid it, trust me, you would rather play some other online game.#3: Sometimes your imagination cant always work out. So if you built like a car which is desine to carry a lot of ammo and have so much heavy armor, it may A:not turn so well. B:might run out of fuel if you dont got enough. C: Might run like a 59 year old grandma if you dont got alot of engines for it.

If you like LBP and like using your imagination and played banjo kazzoie 1 & 2, this is the game your looking for.

I reccomend this game for those who wants to play LBP but its only on ps3, and they dont got one, than this game will be the Xbox version of LBP.
Charicters lines:10/10

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Imagine Lego's meets Banjo-Kazooie

posted by DougSeek (DERWOOD, MD) Nov 13, 2008

Member since Sep 2008

21 out of 27 gamers (78%) found this review helpful

First off, if you're into fast-paced action adventure and nothing but, then this game may not be for you. This game is a little slower and a bit of a thinker, but if you're like me, that certainly doesn't make it any less enjoyable. I've spent hours perfecting and test driving my little creations and swapping ideas with friends. If you like to create, invent and use your noggin a little, you'll love this game.

Imagine a game where your own creativity is your only hinderance. You can drive, race, fly, sail, shoot, whatever you desire.

Need to get across a lake? Throw on some floaties and a propeller. Got some bad guys chasing you? Attach a torpedile to the back of your vehicle and blow 'em sky high! Put a few springs under your vehicle along with an egg blaster and peg 'em with yolk as you soar over their heads! The possibilities are endless!

The idea of the game is to go through and complete all of the major challenges. In order to complete your objective, you must jump into a vehicle (or make your own specifically for the quest!) and use your vehicle and all of it's gadgets and gizmos to do the task at hand.

Once you've designed your vehicle, you can save it, name it, load it, or even upload it to the web! You can download other player's vehicles too! (If they're feeling generous enough to share their blueprints). Be sure to check out the leaderboards to see if some of the pros might've shared a vehicle design to get through that one obstacle you've been stuck on!

Not feeling creative? You'll get a few handouts and ideas here and there as you progress through the game, giving you tips on how to build a vehicle or even a strapping set of pre-made blueprints that you can use or customize to your liking.

Overall, the story-line is a bit lacking, but the gameplay more than makes up for it.

If you haven't got this game, buy it. Or atleast rent it until you talk yourself into buying it. It's a must have!

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Banjo Kazooie Meets Creativity.

posted by InsaneSir (SOUTH WINDSOR, CT) May 3, 2009

Member since Aug 2007

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

Story: 7/10
The Lord Of Games (L.O.G.) is sick of the constant bickering at Spiral Mountain. so he decides to make a game for banjo and Kazooie to fight the witch gruntilda for the deed to own spiral mountain. The Story Is Pretty Bland But it does have the Banjo Kazooie Comical Value

Graphics: 10/10
Great Lush Graphics The Game World Really Comes To Life As It Takes Your 64-bit past and turns it into a master piece of the Next Generation.
Simply Amazing. It fits the banjo kazooie universe well.

GamePlay: 7/10
GREAT but with some minor flaws, those who do not like the vehicular gameplay are doomed to not liking this game, great customization, building your own creations is innovative and fun.

Sound: 7/10
Great Sounds... but nothing you'll be turning down or turning up either. The traditional B&K Type Sounds.

Multiplayer: 8/10
Once L.O.G. Finds A Match this game is really a blast its fun all around with no frustration simple as that :P

Rating: 4/5

Overall Rating: 7/10

Pros: Great Game All-Around
Cons: Not Much Platforming like the good ol days
Overall Comments: a Buy... its a budget 360 game so brand new its only $30!

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