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Rare creates a gem of a game with this new Banjo

posted by Floydjr (INGLEWOOD, CA) Dec 6, 2008

Member since Mar 2008

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Banjo Kazooie was sort of a big deal during the N64 age of gaming. It was a new Nintendo I.P. brought by Rare to shake up the platforming genre by adding more collecting than jumping from platform to platform. Thus earning the Banjo games the title of "Collectathon" by the gaming community.

Well Rare saw the complaints and decided to let Banjo sit on the shelf and try to come up with a new style for the game and they did. What they came up with is letting the user create with the collectibles in the game.

The game has a simple premise that the older Banjo games had. Beat the evil witch Grunty in a series of very deep levels that span for quite a while. While working for the sarcastic and sometimes patronizing L.O.G. (Lord of Games) who wants you and Grunty to prove who is the real owner of Spiral mountain.

You create vehicles with parts you obtain from the levels and challenges and create numerous and exciting types from planes, cars and ships. All with your own little touch of creativity.

Now as fun as it sounds it does have a few issues. One being the game does have a pretty text heavy dialogue, sometimes the words will actually go by too fast for even a person with a graduate degree in English.

Next issue is the complexity of the game. Banjo has that kid friendly look but it's actually more geared toward a more older crowd as the vehicle creation can go over their heads VERY quickly.

The last issue I had was sometimes you felt the game is stretched too long for simple and ridiculous tasks and time trials.

But even those taken into account, Banjo Kazooie: N & B is a solid platformer/vechicle/colle- ctathon game you can enjoy.

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Not What You'd Expect, That's A GOOD Thing!!!!

posted by DRKLAW (MESA, AZ) Nov 21, 2008

Member since Nov 2008

8 out of 9 gamers (89%) found this review helpful

I never played the first 2 banjo kazooie games, at the time I had a PS1. I've heard that a lot of people are disappointed this game isn't like the first two. Since I have never played them, I thought this game was very refreshing and innovative.

This game relies heavily on vehicles. You can still run around and attack off your vehicle, so it definitely isn't a racer game. The vehicles add so much to this game. I found myself creating vehicles for each challenge and just making some to test the physics of the game, very good stuff!!! You can literally create any vehicle with out constraints on what or how to build it!

You want a helicopter, boat, plane, unicycle, motorcycle, tank, wall with wheels, boat/plane/hover/tank? Not a problem, you think of it, you can build it!!! You'll spend a lot of time trying to get more parts to build a unique souped up vehicle!

There is a lot to do and see in town and in the levels. The physics are wonderful, you can knock people out of your way, sending them flying, every level is full of destructive environments and almost everything is movable.

The graphics are very, very good!!! The Levels are really unique and there is a lot to see. This is a platformer, racer and so much more. Even if at first you think you won't like it because it is a Banjo Kazooie 1/2 clone, give it a shot, it's a ton of fun!

The only real gripes I have are few, especially since I bought this game for $30 on Amazon!!! I didn't like that a few levels require you to use a specifically assigned vehicle. I also thought that some of the vehicles can be tricky to steer, and on certain levels, they push this to the extreme by making the course have obstacles that would cause you to hit them, and lose the race since getting out of them was near impossible, so you had to play them over and over to win. Other than that a very fund and original game, definitely worth checking out.

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Banjo-Kazooie: Nostalgic & Referential

posted by Rumblekeg (O NEALS, CA) Jan 16, 2009

Member since Jan 2009

7 out of 8 gamers (88%) found this review helpful

I will admit that I was a naysayer when I first heard the news that Rare was taking the Banjo-Kazooie series in a user-generated content oriented direction. As what I would consider to be a "die-hard(er)" fan of the series, I was rather off-put by the lack of unlockable abilites and shapeshifting magic. However after about an hour of actually playing this game I am happy to report that Banjo-Kazooie is alive and well. This game almost feels like a spiritual successor to the original N64 games, as it contains the same level of clever layout, humor, art style, and sound design as its famous predecessors. What this game lacks in platforming abilities it makes up for in its ingenious vehicle creation and physics elements. You're still going into worlds, finding puzzles, and figuring out how to solve those puzzles with the tools you have in order to get the Jiggy reward. The vehicle creation serves AS the puzzle-solving abilites, and in true platformer fashion you unlock new parts (abilites) as you progress through the game. I know this game gets a lot of guff because it is so different from the old-style Banjo games, but the soul of the series is still very well represented here. Not to mention the humor, which is ridiculously clever and well-written. The comedic moments in Banjo-Kazooie N&B's basically serves as a referential cherry on what is already a delicious trip to the past with a new twist.

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