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Meant for families

posted by SergeantPope (CHARLESTON, IL) Nov 23, 2009

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If you like Guitar Hero and you think you might want to switch to band hero, unless your fairly young, i would rethink that. Band Hero is centered around casual music games, and Guitar Hero 5 is centered around Harcore gamers. From that, you should be able to make your choice. This game is just about the same core gameplay as GH5, but the songs are much more for families. There is also karioke mode in this, which isnt in GH5. This game has online modes that are just fantastic, but not very many people play this game online, so if you want to use these game modes, either play them locally or on GH5. The career is solid. And the songs from GH5, GH Smash Hits, and GH World Tour will export onto this game, but you have to have online to do this. And the downloadable songs from WT and GH5 will work on this. This game is really good, it has great online, great songs, and great gameplay. Try it out if youre a family person, if youre a hardcore gamer try out GH5.

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Above Average

Its GH 5......

posted by KayotixTX (CANYON LAKE, TX) Nov 6, 2009

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Yes thats right.... it is pretty much GH5 with some "poppy" tunes. The set list is bad... it has about 6-7 GREAT songs and alot of filler taken from previous GH games (i know ive played them all)

Im sure their is an audience for this game and if your a die hard Guitar Hero fan you will eat this up, but as a fan of all rythm games i see this more as a cheap cash in again by Activision.

Its not all bad news, the multiplayer is actually fun just like it was in GH5 (its pretty much identicall) and avatar chars return which i really do like becasue the art style for the "main" chars is just horrible once again and its also fun to see your avatar rockin out.

Rent it, see if its for you....

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