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This Game Is Worth A Rental

posted by bloodbiggy (HOUSTON, TX) Nov 6, 2009

Member since Jun 2008

9 out of 11 gamers (82%) found this review helpful

Well first off, this game is not Guitar Hero 5. Sure it has the same graphics and engine, but it is intended for a whole seperate crowd who like mainstream music like Taylor Swift and The all-American Rejects. And I recall Guitar Hero 5 getting good reviews for its new engines, etc. Anyways on to Band Hero. This game has a soundtrack of 65 tracks consisting of bands/groups like Spice Girls, The All-American Rejects, Snow Patrol as well as solo artists like Taylor Swift, Jessie McCartney, Iggy Pop and Corinne Bailey Rae. This soundtrack will appeal to many Guitar Hero fans that like mainstream music, but will push away quite a bit of hardcore Guitar Hero fans. As for gameplay, it plays the same as Guitar Hero 5, with same menus and same career features, even though the challenges have a little more uniqueness, like hitting notes in The Brevery's "Believe" bass opening instead of just hitting all notes in the song. 60 tracks can also be exported to the hard drive if you purchase the game for a small fee, but leaves out Aly & AJ, Jesse McCartney, Styx, Hilary Duff, and one other song. I personally believe this game is worth renting.

Gameplay - Basically Guitar Hero 5 painted pink, not great but still pretty good. (8/10)

Graphics - Actually the graphics are really good for a music game, but they are just like GH5. (9/10)

Presentation - Same as Guitar Hero 5 for menus and career, just with less songs. (7/10)

Soundtrack - Depends on if you are one of the fans of mainstream music like Taylor Swift. Personally I like some of them, but not all. (8/10)

Overall - Great game, but unless you really want to play the songs, just rent it. My reasoning is if you don't like the songs, then just skip past this one, but if you want to play some, the go ahead and rent it, but if you really like all of the songs, then buy it. (8/10)

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Rock Band - The Pop for Kids Version!

posted by ThePalimax (PHOENIX, AZ) Jan 28, 2010

Member since Oct 2006

8 out of 11 gamers (73%) found this review helpful

Ok. It's Rock Band and/or Guitar Hero, except this time the setlist revolves around Taylor Swift.

I can't be any clearer than that.

No exciting new mechanics.
No frustratingly difficult songs.
Just some pop hits.

If your kids can't be bothered to learn who The Who are, get them this instead.

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Great Game To Play

posted by Texican940 (WICHITA FALLS, TX) Jan 7, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

2 out of 4 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

Band Hero is a really great game and it just like Guitar Hero 5 but they made it fun for the family and friend, who like to play Guitar Hero and like Country to Pop music and to have fun playing it. The setlist is great I mostly like every song on it and my main favorite song on it is 'Y.M.C.A.' by Village People and one new feature on it call 'Sing Along' and it is a feature that you can just sing the song without hitting those high or low pitch on vocal. Great artist on it like Taylor Swift, No Doubt, Maroon 5, Village People, The All-American Rejects, Yellowcard, Spice Girls, Aly & AJ and other great Pop, Country, Rock, Pop-Rock artist. A great game to rent or if you a Guitar Hero fans buy the game.

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