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Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2

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Also on:PS2
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Gameplay Controls

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2

Directional Pad UP/DOWN = Toggle Feats & Spells List Up/Down. LEFT = Toggle between Automap modes. RIGHT = Toggles one-handed, two-handed, and ranged.
Left Thumbstick Moves character.
Right Thumbstick Adjust Camera/Click to Reset Camera
A Button Attack (+ Shift: Set or Use Lower Feat/Spell)
B Button Cast Spell/Use Feat (+ Shift: Set or Use Right
X Button Action (+ Shift: Set or Use Left Feat/Spell)
Y Button Jump (+ Shift: Set or Use Upper Feat/Spell)
White Button Drink Rujevination Potion
Black Button Drink Health Potion
Left Trigger Shift
Right Trigger Defend (melee) or Aim (ranged)
Start Pause
Back Inventory/Level Up



Take it slow. If you are hurt or run out of Magic Energy, wait in an empty room and rest until your Hit Points and Magic Energy return to full. This can help prevent you from dying and having to reload your game.

Smash and break everything you can. Sometimes you will find special items and gold when you smash barrels, crates, and vases.

Beware with all barrels that come your way. Before smashing barrels, wait to see if an "ignite" option appears. If so, do not smash them with a melee weapon because they will explode and harm you. You can use ranged weapons to destroy these barrels.

Remember the camera. Move the camera around to see beyond your line of sight, such as around a corner. Also use the camera to find barrels and chests that may be hidden in the shadows.

Save your game as often as you can. When you see a new save point be sure to use it so you do not loose progress in your game.

Recall. Use your recall potions to save time from running back and forth between town and the dungeons. Using a potion will return you from a dungeon to your "safe point" but be sure not to leave the safe point so you can recall back to your original spot in the dungeon.