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Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2

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Battling Tactics

when battling at different places it is important to know what types of magic to use; if you are in the first world any magic will work. If you are in the second or third worlds you should use fire against ice or ice against fire, because two of the same elements don't effect each other. That is the same with poison, it doesn't effect zombies. And for the final boss, thunder magic doesn't effect her.

Duplicating items

Get next to a save point. Save your game. Drop the items you wish to duplicate. Reload your character. Pick up the dropped items. Repeat this as may times as desired. You will have the number of items you had when you saved plus the ones that you picked up after reloading.

Easily get artimise and drizzt

Use the warp level cheat to go to Baldur's Gate 3, then watch the video then poof u got either Drizzt if you're on easy normal or hard and Artimise if on extreme mode. Note: you cannot change their weapons......they are too precious to them but they do 108(dam)with 85 (dam) for Drizzt...and Artimise are 105 (dam) with 85 dam.