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Very Good


posted by NFLROCKS (HIALEAH, FL) May 13, 2010

Member since May 2010

Bakugan is a great game you can create character which is cool. You can get these cool cards and marbles that turn into monster. Then you make your monster even more powerful,but you need to have good cards.Since if you mess up in any battle it's all over. So basically its like those game like yu-gi-oh with marbles.

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Its an ok game for the DS

posted by Gokuss8 (MYRTLE BEACH, SC) Jan 20, 2010

Member since Feb 2009

When I first saw the concept for Bakugan I was thinking "So they combined Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh with marbles? Seems kind of dumb to me." Well over at my friend's house he and his brother had some and I had to see how lame it was for myself. It was quite lame in fact. However, I won't go into details as this is a review of the Video Game not the Card game. I actually thoroughly enjoyed Bakugan as a video game. The controls are simple to learn and the graphics are most impressive. However, the true gem is in the gameplay. Now as most of you know there is a device called an Action Replay which lets you hack DS games for infinite money and stuff like that. Well in Bakugan even though you can get infinite money and you can use that money to max out the level of your Bakugan YOU CAN STILL LOSE! This is due to the uniqueness of the little "mini-games" to determine who wins the battle. The G-power is basically just to determine who has a better advantage. I also enjoyed the fact that you have the option to customize your character with quite a few options. This is something pokemon didn't grasp until it hit the Wii. Overall Bakugan is a very good game worth playing. I will be getting the Wii version soon so I will see how it adds up to its' little brother on the DS. Also, you can also make your own charater. Also, you can buy new Bakugans, ability cards, and gate cards.

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Mom is just the messenger

posted by Emberflame (WACO, TX) Jan 15, 2010

Member since Aug 2009

My son (almost 9yrs) Loves this game. I have not played myself but he said that "any kid who likes Bakugan would love to have this game!" "It is just like a for real battle but I don't have to have anyone else to play."

Mom if you have a kid who likes Bakugan but you don't want to play or don't have time to... Just BUY this game

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