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Awesome Fun For the KIDS!!!

posted by robstyle (Denver, CO) Oct 30, 2010

Member since Oct 2009

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I got this cause I liked the first Bakugan game. I will say this plays out way different than the first. This lets you run around with your character but this time when your bakugan battle you actually take control of them. The contrlos are cool and and vey simple you have a light attack, heavy attack, a shoot button and a jump/fly. The d pad lets you use special moves andthe bumpers let you lock on and dash. The very first level teaches you how to play and it is simple an fun so kids can understand it and learn to play. The battles play out lkea simplified verson of the Dragon ball Z games. It is cartoon violence no blood or foul language so parents should not worry. Also you can play with 2 players online and offline. So all in all the is a fun cool game for parents to rent for kids for a couple of fun hours of enjoyment. As for older Bakugan fans It is fun but very simple and aimed towards a younger audiace so don't be suprised if you find it super easy. Hope his helps. Have fun and game on!!!

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posted by ThaTruth21 (WEST HARRISON, IN) Oct 28, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

First, the story line makes no sense really. Its kind of thrown into the Bakugan story to stray to its own fulfillment, which never really happens. Its basically a series of sneaking around security gaurds, robots, and cameras until you get to the end f the level where you will battle a boss bakugan ans other trap bakugan at the same time all while defending a landmark which can be pretty dull and boring.

The battle arena was probably the best part of the game, where you could battle others online. But then again to obtain bakugan to battle online you must play through story mode. X(...

The actual battles are that of a Mortal Kombat II with VERY limited combos and only 4 collectible Ability Cards where only 2 can be attached during one battle. Overall if your a DIE HARD fan of Bakugan, this may do something for you. As for me, I was looking to play more of a strategy battle game and this did nothing for me at all...

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Not worth buying.

posted by multiblaze96 (STATESVILLE, NC) Feb 13, 2012

Member since Dec 2011

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This game is bitter sweet. At first it seemed like a pretty decent video game. I can't really explain what I felt, but as I battled with the dragon Bakugan, it felt like it was missing something. When I looked at the combo list there was only about 5 combos. Most fighting games like Tekken have a wide variety of combos to choose from. Also, the game doesn't have online battles. Basically, after you end story mode the entire game is over; unless you like bringing friends over and playing versus mode, I do not recommend buying this game.

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