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Backyard Football 08

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Too Tough

posted by deekim (HOUSTON, TX) Jan 18, 2008

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Good graphics at 480. Easy entry into gameplay. Tutorials are a nice touch for beginners. Dumbed down clone of the Madden series for kids.

Unbelievable AI. My younger brother would get very frustrated at how tough the AI opponents are. Your team seems to be non-athletic while The AI intercepts most long passes and seem to know your every move, even at the easy setting. Not only that, it seems to Take some time to register your passes.

Even though this title had a fair rating, the reviews were not very specific and it's for kids. With that, I rented this for my younger brother and I was sorry to do so. Even though it is easy to pickup and play, the tough AI and registering your moves were a letdown. With so many turnovers, fumbles, and misses, my younger brother was not having any fun. This game is actually harder than Madden 07 and it's for kids.

It is a shame that Humongous has gone this route, making more challenging kids' games that even adults would not want to play. I would suggest that you teach your child how to play Madden 07 instead.

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Above Average

Good Rental But Rent This After Zack and Wiki!

posted by miko25 (LARGO, FL) Jan 3, 2008

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The art style is way cool and the arcadish feel works however at times it feels like a unlockable game that should have been in Madden. For a kids title they should tell you more about the "how to" of the game. There is not much depth; season and practice also (so little) that there is only 3 buttons in the control menu. I would like to see more mini games like in Madden; considering that this is a Wii title and all the lame "party" games that are showing up. Anyway; this is pretty good and I would say if you have a slot open and don't know what to rent try this (after Zack and Wiki).

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dont rent

posted by jackofall (CRUMPLER, NC) Mar 6, 2009

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I wouldn't give $2.00 for this game.The graphix are lame and the response of the characters is slow.Pure Garbage would make a good beer coaster.

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