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Backyard Baseball 2006


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Gameplay Controls

Backyard Baseball 2006

Control Pad Highlight Menu Choices
A Button Accept. Next.
B Button Back
L Button Context Sensitive
R Button Context Sensitive
Select Change Player Sorting Category (Pick Player Menu)

Control Pad Highlight Pitch Types. Position Pitch.
A Button Select Pitch Type. Throw Pitch.
B Button Cancel Pitch Selection
L Button Change Defense - Infield
R Button Change Defense - Outfield
Start/Pause Pause Menu
Select Turn Pitch Indicator On/Off

Control Pad Move Your Fielder. Control Pad + R = Dive. Control Pad Right + A = Throw to First Baseman. Control Pad Up + A Button = Throw to Second Baseman. Control Pad Left + A Button = Throw to Third Baseman. Control Pad Down + A Button = Throw to Catcher.
A Button Throw to Pitcher
B Button Select Fielder Closest to Ball
L Button Jump

Control Pad Highlight Hit Types. Adjust Batting Stance.
A Button Select Hit Type. Swing.
B Button Cancel Hit Selection
L Button L + Control Pad = Lead Off
R Button R + Control Pad = Steal Base for Selected Runner
Start/Pause Pause
Select Turn Pitch Indicator On/Off

Control Pad Control Pad + R = Slide Into Base. Control Pad Up + A = Advance Runner to Second Base. Control Pad Left + A Button = Advance Runner to Third Base. Control Pad Down + A = Advance Runner to Home Plate. Control Pad Right + B Button = Return Runner to First Base. Control Pad Up + B = Return Runner to Second Base. Control Pad Left + B = Return Runner to Third Base.