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my review.

posted by ineedhelp111 (CARLSBAD, NM) Nov 25, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

i played madden 2004,2009,and 2012 and people are saying this game is terrible? really? first there are no real teams so you dont have to pay 60.00 bucks for it just to see real life people. lots of plays (if you cant find them choose pro mode) and quarterback is nice no sky view with a letter over his head, and if you want him to run another route after you hiked the ball could you in real life? the controls are simply once you pay attention and stop thinking of madden and do the training cant create a player (i hate that) but live with it. yes every player is basically looks the same but so does madden. i like the fact with the crowd they wear your colors. though to unlock the special team when you beat back breaker alley has to many waves.
you got nice line control and if you play with the settings everything turns out nice. to make your player spin is suckish i just ignore it and ram or juke. whatever you like this game is way better then any madden made just needs first person view.

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Think NFL 2K5 was better still....

posted by aiko1818 (SAINT PAUL, MN) Jul 5, 2012

Member since Jul 2011

To start this right and be fair, I'm a huge football fan in general. I play it for real (semi-pro), coach it (high school), and play it some more (XBOX). That being said Backbreaker is average for me. The perspective takes time getting used to especially since all I have had to play is the yearly NCAA and Madden games. The gameplay itself is similar to madden though the aggresive trigger easily puts you out of position a lot and the camera has a hard time keeping up with what you are wanting to do which leads to a lot of missed tackles and moments of cursing "where the heck am I".

Graphics are average, the animation system for player movement is great and the sound effects are in line if not over the top. The play selection is what I had a problem with. You were given very few choices and sometimes the choices you were given were not right for the situation. The other thing I did not like was trying to select a player pre snap was difficult not sure if I was doing something wrong but it seemed to only switch to either LB or DB's.

The AI is pretty smart and knows when to be aggressive in the game. The focus trigger helps slows things if you are having a hard time seeing an open reciever or finding that cutback lane at the line.

The creation system is similar to Forza with lots of options to customize a team logo, uniforms, and rosters.

I wanted to like this game more considering how tired I am of the same issues in Madden but Backbreaker just doesn't offer enough for me to consider passing on the next Madden.

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Most realistic!

posted by Chillman125 (THE DALLES, OR) May 3, 2012

Member since May 2012

Best tackles and plays in this football game, the graphics are very awsome, tackle ally is a very addictive game mode.

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