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Backbreaker Football

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Very Good

Amazing game!

posted by Th3GriM (LAS VEGAS, NV) May 29, 2010

Member since May 2010

55 out of 62 gamers (89%) found this review helpful

This game is extremely different from the best sports franchise, Madden.
This football game allows you to play the game of football in an entirely new perspective. The camera angles are different allowing you to only see from the player of your choice. Now, The major difference in this game is that you create your own team. This allows you to customize your logo, colors, and whole team in general. Now for the best part about the game... It is very realistic. The tackles are always different, because they use a real time physics engine, that allows anything to happen, anytime the character gets hit!

For all of you football fans out there, try this game it will not disappoint you!

(Game modes: Tackle alley, Singleplayer, Campaign, 2 player duels, Online Duels, Training camp)

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GF Rating


It Rocks!!!

posted by Monsterleg (AUSTIN, TX) Jun 27, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

17 out of 20 gamers (85%) found this review helpful

This game is the football game I've been waiting for. I played football a ton for school teams and I was good. Backbreaker encompasses what a football game is really like, and makes it really crazy awesome.
Good things:
+ The physics are great, each tackle is unique and they look awesome. Also, avoiding tackles is much more encouraged than breaking them, if you think about it its generally pretty hard to break the tackle of a professional football player.
+ The team creator and logo creator are like the Forza of sports games, you won't find better.
+ The controls are easy to learn if you have a brain.
+ The graphics are the best in a sports game I've seen, they don't try too hard to be picture perfect, but they are still great. The fans in the stands look great as well, when compared to any other football or sports game.
+ The up close and personal camera makes it intense!
+ When you do awesome things you really feel awesome!
+ The AI rocks and forces you to actually work to win.
+ Difficulty-wise, medium will have most of you working up a sweat until you develop new strategies for Backbreaker.
+ Road to Backbreaker mode is extremely fun and quite difficult.
+ Online content is free.
+ You will waste many hours on tackle alley, especially if you have a friend to do it with.
+ No NFL license, I like the change of scenery, I'm tired of the same 32 teams playing over, and over, and over... and over... zzzzzzz.

Not so good things:
- Player creation is minimal, after the in depth team creator its not a big deal but all you can really do is change the player's name, skin color, and body type.
- Online modes are few, just tackle alley and regular games.
- Passing will take some time to get down.

For me this game was perfect, it completely shut down madden, don't think I'll ever get madden again.

Its fun, cheap, and you won't have to shell out a large amount of money every year just to stay entertained with the few new features they add that you have to pay more for...

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Realistic as it gets.

posted by Redstorm12 (MOCKSVILLE, NC) Jun 8, 2010

Member since Jul 2009

10 out of 12 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

Backbreaker, where do I start, you amazed me. I don't understand why the critics gave it such bad reviews, the reason the camera is so close is because of the realistic tackles. It wouldn't make sense to have the camera way up in the air because then you wouldn't be able to see the amazing tackles.

The running is very fun, good control, passing is very easy. I suggest playing the training mode because yes, this game is one of a kind, it's very different from other sports titles. I used to play Madden all the time, it lacked many qualities that I've always wanted in a football game. Backbreaker makes up for those losses.

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