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Backbreaker Review

posted by EdJones (MILPITAS, CA) Jun 1, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

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Backbreaker is the latest football video game on the market. Its not made by EA Sports, so you know it isn’t officially licensed by the NFL so there are no current NFL players in the game nor are there any former players in the game similar to 2K Sports, All-Pro Football 2K8. So does it have?

Backbreaker has very good graphics and gameplay. But the big reason to be excitied about this game was suppose to be the interesting camera angles. You can see the field as if you were that player instead of as a fan watching the game on TV. The big problem with this is that the camera shakes and jumps all over the place and is extremely too close with horrible angles. The game itself might not seem to bad but the bigger problem is when the camera jumps around and you can’t even see what is going on in the field.

For example if your the quarterback going back in the pocket and you want to throw the ball to a reciever and then out of nowhere the camera jumps to a lineman, you don’t know what is going on then you see the reciever caught the ball for a small gain. To make matters worse you could throw the ball right into the open arms….. of a defensive player. Or on the defense end you might think you are going to be able to see the player with the ball to tackle him, then out of nowhere the camera goes to a defensive player who is nowhere close to the play.

Now if you are a member of Gamefly I would rent this, since you are already paying for renting games. You might as well play this for a few minutes to an hour just for the comedy of horrors this game is. Its always fun to see interesting made up team names, uniforms and stadiums. I in no way am telling you to buy this or even rent this if you have to pay just to rent this game. I have to give this game a 6 for all the unique things they tried to do and the sheer maddeness of their camera angles.

Ed Jones writes exclusively for CloudFantasy

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Very good for the FIRST TRY

posted by Danman321 (CAPE CORAL, FL) Jul 16, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

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I played the demo for this game and was amazed. I haven't seen such a hard-hitting football games since well ever, Compared to the videos i've seen on madden 11, i was really dissapointed with the gameplay i was seeing, i thought that EA would maybe atleast get the defense right, atleast, but they ofcourse didn't. Let me Show you some examples, the two ton right foot, sucktion blocking, sucktion animation, repetive tackling, catching, and dissapointment, and to top it all off MORPHING, I've never seen any of those problems on Backbreaker and this was their first try, Madden has had about almost twenty tries and every year a faliure, maybe they change this not important or they added one more tackle animation who cares there needs to be good and not suction tackling in order to be a football game. Now Backbreaker fluent tackling system good and realistic running controls maybe the running itself is a little off but it's their first try, the graphics had to be limited beacuase EA couldn't share the NFL license because they were getting beat by the opposition, Good blocking i mean excellent blocking, Defence probobly the first game that got defense right since 2k5 and apf2k8, Backbreaker is a must rent and if you like it buy it too Backbreaker does have glitches but they're funny, and you can go to youtube and get the NFL teams too so there you go should be the game of the year in sports. So i'm giving it a 9

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GF Rating

Very Good

fun game

posted by bushviper (COCHRANTON, PA) Jun 3, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

5 out of 8 gamers (62%) found this review helpful

Well lets see its a fun game once u get use to the camra and the switching players...although i still cant pass worth beans with the set up they have very hard ill get it but will take time..

love the custom stuff gameplay seems a lil week compard to maddan for exp. to intercept all ya have to do is get infront of the WR and it auto does it for u... for me that sucks i want to be able to do it myself

picking plays same as madden although i do love the pick ur player b4 u get on the field. annimation could use a bit of a tune up tho feels not right after madden. not sure if ppl notice this but i think i see frame rate issuses when the computer punts teh ball seems like he goes really slow.

but all in all a very fun game if u can get use to the controls totally diff then madden just do the training first b4 u do anything else and it makes it a lil easier atleast

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