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Back to the Future - The Game


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Very Good

Entertaining if you grew up playing adventure game

posted by DK1102 (REDDING, CT) Jun 1, 2012

Member since Oct 2010

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This game is great if you grew up a fan of adventure games from LucasArts and Sierra. The Monkey Island Series, Maniac Mansion, Space Quest are the kinds of games that BTF reminds me of. Telltale Games originally released 5 "episodes" online that you could buy individually and you played the game 1 episode at a time. This was done to keep costs low in case a series bombed and wasnt popular, allowed for the short attention span of today's society and allowed for the instant gratification of not having to wait years for a new plot of game to come out. A new episode was released just about every month. This game is simply a collection of those 5 episodes. So if you played the Telltale series on PC, you have already played this game.

I gave this an 8 because the plot is fun and I could easily see it being part of the movie series. They introduce some new characters and have fun with the idea of multiple time lines. The animations are decent and the writing is pretty good, all be it a little on the cheesy side, but thats ok in my book.

Demerits: First, the controls. This game was designed to be played with a mouse and feels clunky when played on a controller. Rather than have your control stick act as a pointer capable of moving all around the screen, all items on screen are easy to find as you simply use the right control stick to scroll through them. There is no challenge in "finding something" like in older adventure games. There is never a time when the control hinders or punishes you, but you can tell it wasnt designed to be played on a console system. Second, is presentation. Rather than move onto the next episode when you finish one, you have to back out of menu screens and select the next episode. Think of having to watch a DVD movie chapter by chapter instead of the play movie feature. This doesnt take away from anything, but I felt it could have used some more polish. Its not a deal breaker, but certainly frustrating after finishing the first episode

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posted by SlickJC (MOREHEAD CITY, NC) May 27, 2012

Member since Nov 2007

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This was definitely a rental. Actually it wouldn't be a bad purchase, it's only $20 new. I liked the simplicity of the game, the story was interesting. A full feature movie really could have been made from it. I'm a fan of the Back To The Future movie series, it looks great on Blu-Ray by the way. I hope they get creative and make another one.

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Above Average

Back to fun! ... watching

posted by Supermestizo (GOODYEAR, AZ) Feb 24, 2012

Member since Jul 2011

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It's not a real game, but it's fun to watch and has some serious and easy trophy monster advantages. Rent it for sure just to watch and get lots of easy trophies.

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