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GF Rating

Very Good

Must Play for Back to the Future fans!

posted by vdrguy (ACTON, CA) Jul 27, 2012

Member since Jul 2011

This is not the most polished on the wii but it is one of the more higher quality. This is a simple point and click adventure game. If you played Tales of monkey island you will be familiar with the playstyle of classic adventure games only broken up into five bitesize chunks that arn't too confusing or long. The story takes place about 6 months after Back to the Future Part 3, where the Delorian travels to Marty in 1986 and you soon find yourself in multiple time periods that all aboud Doc Brown.

Each chapter takes about two hours to complete if you take time to explore the world, and you should. This game is jam-packed with cool Eighties refrences to things from Wierd Science, to Star Wars, and even Tron.
The best part of this game is easily the sound quality and attention to music and voice acting, its so reminiscent of the classic films that you can easily overlook the cartoonish graphics.

The bad parts of this game is the port to the wii. The graphics don't look as good as it's pc counterpart and the framerate can be terrible at times. This game also tends to have frequent loading that interupts the gameplay. However since this is not the type of game that needs lightning fast reflexes of boasts mind-blowing graphics. these issues can easily be overlooked.

A Wholey satifyiny experience with plenty of charm and great respect for it's source material, Back to the Future Tha Game is a very fun, very casual point and click experience That fans of the films have to love.

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GF Rating


Almost a good game...

posted by Senneker (WAYLAND, MI) Nov 20, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

If you can get your head around the lag that happens excessively and the long load times, there's a interesting story hidden underneath. I'd recommend it to anyone who loved the movies.

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GF Rating


Very clunky game play, but a lot of fun!

posted by moviegeek5 (GRAND RAPIDS, MI) Oct 20, 2012

Member since Jun 2008

Okay, negative stuff out of the way first: the game play on this is really clunky, like the title says. Sometimes almost distractingly so. You get the feeling the company that made this really wasn't given enough money to animate everything properly, so they just kind of threw things together quickly under a deadline. Getting to the next chapter isn't the easiest thing nor is saving the game, and sometimes even clicking things doesn't always work very well. :(

Even with all of that, the game is still a lot of fun! Great to hear Christopher Lloyd again, and the actor who plays Marty sounds just like Michael J. Fox. Whoever wrote this must have been quite a fan, because the characters seem right on, and everything feels very much in the spirit of that universe. I sat down with this game intending to give it just an hour of play and then go on with the rest of my day off, and instead spent the next NINE hours with it! I'm sure for the hard core gamers, this is nothing, but for me this is an exceedingly rare event!

So, while the game has a lot of problems, if you're a fan of the movies you should give it a try. I'm happy I did.

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