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BAJA: Edge of Control


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Baja edge of control

posted by RMRThorson (CORNING, CA) Aug 24, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

Overall fairly fun game with ability to last you a while before beating the game. However as you get further into it you figure you can make it all the way to the final 1-2 races, winning by huge margins without upgrading your car. Then its hard for the last race of the class, then it repeats with the next class easier then the last race of the old class. just overall fun but difficulty lacking consistency.

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edge of control is anything but.....

posted by Poochy7 (KENVIL, NJ) Sep 23, 2010

Member since Sep 2010

game looks cool and has lots of tracks,lots of custom parts for cars but.....control is horrible no button mapping (only presets) you come very close to losing your EDGE OF CONTROL very frequently during the game and soon give up.sorry its no DIRT..

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Really Bad

Just plain no fun very quickly

posted by TheSolly (COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) Mar 28, 2010

Member since May 2009

To say the physics in this game are 'arcade' is to do the word an injustice. This physics model is just plain bad. Baja is just another in a crowd of off road racing games where the developers seem to think sand equals ice. Edge of control was long ago and zero control is more like it.
Often the game will throw you into an unrecoverable spin or off track adventure where no matter what you do, you are all but assured to lose every position you gained and end up dead last. The fact that this usually occurs on the last lap of a hard fought race makes the game infuriating.
Further, your off track excursions are far in excess of anything the AI drivers are ever penalized with. You'll never seen them stuck in a slide that ends up with the vehicle in a lake- stuck there unable to move until the timer expires and dumps you back mid-track. Not even a 'reset vehicle' option.
Another last lap joy is being rammed by an AI opponent that not only plows into you demo derby style but actually grinds you to a complete standstill on the track while the other drivers fly by you.
All this leads to an incredibly frustrating experience. All the upgrades and vehicle options go up in smoke when the actual racing in the game is just so bad. Had the game been set on ice covered glaciers the physics would still be 'loose' and the AI drivers still all but an obvious cheat.
The sponsor system makes no sense. The game prides itself on shedding body panels like in real life yet then bases your sponsor payout on that very feature. With the AI programmed for bumper cars instead of racing, no amount of skill or care on your part will keep a vehicle intact.
I kept plugging away hoping it would get better. But the game was brutally hard for no reward but more frustrating, beyond arcade style racing.
This game is a total 'swing and a miss'

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