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Very Good

Unfair Rating

posted by IISHAGII (grapeland, TX) Feb 24, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

19 out of 20 gamers (95%) found this review helpful

This game is not as bad as the rating. Sure it has it's bad points, all games do, but a 5 is completely unfair. No way derserving of a 10, but it's a good solid 8.
You'll hear people say "The graphics aren't that great". And I agree. But this is a racing game. I'm usually too busy racing to give a flip about the graphics.
And you'll hear people complain about the vehicles. This is as close to a "real" sim as I've seen for an off road racer. Everything these days is so arcade that it's not actually racing. These cars don't handle well, you know, like a REAL CAR? Hitting bumps can lead to unpredictable car know, like a REAL CAR?
If you want a car to handle well, you have to actually go in an tweak the set up. (again, like a REAL CAR) And since most of these people have no clue what spring load, dampers, and gear ratios even mean, much less how to use them, it leads to bad reviews.

The only real complaint I could come up with is the collision part of the game. When you collide with another car on the track, there's no prediction to the outcome, and usually no way to steer or brake out of it. You're at the complete mercy of the AI car. So it's best just to avoid the other cars the best you can.

This is a very good game. If you want arcade junk, where you win every race a lap ahead with the default set up, you won't like it. If you want a game that actually makes you work for a win, you'll love it.

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You know, give it a chance.

posted by Bhazulle (FERRON, UT) Jan 13, 2009

Member since Jan 2007

17 out of 19 gamers (89%) found this review helpful

I droppped this in, fired it up and went meh, looks like xbox. Played a couple races and if it was not just like tearing across the desert. (I have done this a time or two in real life) Period. Uncontrollable one player posted. You bet. Spot on uncontrollable. Beautifully uncontrollable until you get the hang of it. Some folks just hate a game that does not steer, brake, accellerate for them and does not have endless nitro boosts to compensate for thier complete lack of hand eye coordination. Sub par graphics? Yeah. But a decent framerate no matter whats on the screen. Try that with 10 square miles of desert at photo realistic renderings. So yeah, I played it. I enjoyed it. And even with some minor collision issues, think I am going to finish this off and select keep it. Decide for yourself. Dont let Moe, Larry, Curly and me make up your minds. Many a great game is never played that way. And at worst your out a couple days return time. At most you'll walk off a fan.

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Above Average

Do you have a steering wheel

posted by ADAM1989 (MARYSVILLE, WA) Oct 2, 2008

Member since Aug 2008

7 out of 10 gamers (70%) found this review helpful

The game is actually really fun if your a hardcore realistic baja racer and you have a steering wheel and play in first pearson view that's what makes this game fun its still fun with a controller but not nearly as good i like the fact that you do do the baja 1000 and it takes over 3 hours to finish the race, i dont know why every bodys giving it such a bad review mabee because its really hard

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