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Avatar: The Last Airbender


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Also on:Wii, PSP Games, PS2, Xbox, GBA, DS
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Gameplay Controls

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Control Stick Move
Control Pad Select Character: Up = Aang. Down = Haru. Left = Katara. Right = Sokka.
A Button Attack. Screech.
B Button Block
X Button Enter/Exit Stealth Mode
Y Button Interact. Save.
Z Button Open/Close Menu
L Button Target. Slide. Navigate Menu.
R Button Navigate Menu
C Stick Camera Control
Start/Pause Pause
Combo #1 L Button + X = Enter/Exit Momo Mode
Combo #2 R Button + Y = Bending Move #1
Combo #3 R Button + X = Bending Move #2
Combo #4 R Button + B = Bending Move #3
Combo #5 R Button + A = Bending Move #4