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A Good Game....

posted by happyghost (WASHINGTON, PA) Oct 23, 2006

Member since Jul 2006

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This game is good for a fan of the show. But if you don't like the show? Why are you here? This game was a suprise to me. It didnt have enough to do with the tv show storyline. Its placed before Toph is in the story so your earthbender is Haru.
You can also play as Aang, Kitara and Sokka. Most of them only have 4 bending moves and you start out without them. And that doesn't make any sence because Aang already knew airbending on the first episode. And the story is at the end of the episode "Siege of the North".The graphincs might seem bad to some of you, but I love these kind of graphics. The chracters move pretty slow.Because its a video game and not a tv show the characters voices are kinda different... Even though they use the same voice actors on both. I suggest you rent this game instead of buying it.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Great Game could be way better

posted by ryan13 (GARDNER, KS) Nov 6, 2006

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Awesome game really good, but like I said could be way better. The game is a good game to relax to cause its really easy and lots of fun. But it does not follow the story line of the tv series at all and it is way way way to short, I beat it in 2 hours!! pathetic. But it is loads of fun and I really recomend renting it and definetly not buying it.

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posted by TheLuigi (MORRISVILLE, PA) Aug 4, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

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Well... Ummm... Okay! I'll admit it! I LOVE AVATAR!!!!! You caught me. When I saw this game, I said I would give it a chance (it did not look good - following IGN standards) for the love of Aang.
I found out the game to be nothing like the show, but here's the catch... I liked it = 0.
It's story was just like an extra episode of Avatar - it did not follow story.

It's gameplay was flat but caught itself with a few smartly placed RPG elements. You could go to shops, buy items, do side quests (though they were few) and equip different skills.

Ths skill system helped just to make battle more exciting, though some moves made no diffrence (Example - Aang has a move which distracts enemies - What?). Katara could heal and freeze enemies and Sokka had few attack abilities etc.

The battle system was just tap buttons, hit enemy (don't forget the skills) win battle. The bosses were annoying - attack, attack, wait for an opening, repeat.

It has few replay value, unless you want to find all the hidden treasure at shops and such.
There were some towns and shops that really felt good to be in, giving the game a sense of moving to a town, do a side quest, buy items, and head for the objectives.

But like I said, its for SUPERFANS ONLY. Minor fans might hate it, superfans (definitoin - the kind of people that know all the charcaters and knew the "Legend of Kora" was coming out before July) might just get a minor kick out of it.

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