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Avatar the last airbender (The Burning Earth)

posted by Link11 (MUNDELEIN, IL) May 24, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

2 out of 9 gamers (22%) found this review helpful

I think this game needs more chapters and bosses.

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Really Bad

Pretty Disappointing, doesn't do Avatar justice

posted by konamicode (TRENTON, NJ) Oct 24, 2007

Member since Sep 2006

I wasn't expecting much when I rented this... THQ / Nickelodeon games tend to be pretty rushed / under developed. This game is really no different. If you're a big Avatar fan, I suggest you skip it as it will probably insult you.

The last review was really thorough and pretty much hit all the marks so I won't repeat them all, but biggest issue is that the game is buggy, laggy, the animation is of substandard quality for next-gen and half the 'cutscenes' lack lip syncing so it looks like a cheap Nintendo 64/early Playstation scene. We beat the game in only 2 sittings which is pretty disappointing.

I will say some positive things... it's nice to have a 2 player co-op game with cooperative puzzles... though the puzzles are rather simple and remedial. OK for younger players I suppose. And its great to have the original voice actors from the show.

This game is more or less a testament to the 'quantity over quality' doctrine that most game developers seem to live by these days.

Skip this one if you can.

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Avatar: The Burning Game

posted by deekim (HOUSTON, TX) Oct 22, 2007

Member since May 2007

8 out of 11 gamers (73%) found this review helpful

Somewhat better graphics than before at 480i/p. Much more linear game-play than its predecessor (don't know if that is a good thing). You can practically jump right into the game. Funny storyline that was laughable, which didn't quite match the more seriousness of the game-play. Got away from the puzzle writing and set aside the subtitle stories.

Don't want to be a nag, nag, nag, but there was so much lag, lag, lag, this will actually help you to lose and repeat levels constantly; especially when you are flying the beast. No widescreen support, longer load times, funky menu interface, awkward power-up setup system; takes some time to get used to. Moving camera angle was making me dizzy. Power-ups takes forever to do any real damage as it did in Last Air Bender (LAB).

I think the lag comes from the in your face graphics and the moving camera angle would not have been a very big deal for me if they kept to the same wide and small look as they did in LAB.

The game feels totally new and very different. Aang no longer has his staff, which I think made LAB so fun. I have played this game over the weekend and I am more than ready to send it back. Flying the bison is impossible because 1). LAG 2). LAG 3). LAG 4). Did I mention LAG 5). The darn bison does not turn. Instead of puzzle writing, they put in place a new awkward thing. Whether it be freezing water into an ice block, or earth bending, the controls seemed way off its mark doing these maneuvers. As far as I got to test it, to the end of book 2, you are no longer part of the whole gang. Instead, you are paired off most of the time.

The Burning Earth feels less polished than LAB and more like the first set of games released for the Wii as a test. It is also more challenging and linear.

-1 for the in your face graphics with lag.
-1 for the camera movement making me dizzy.
-1 for leaving out the staff.
-1 for unresponsive controlling of bison.
ran out of character spa

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