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Avatar: The Burning Earth


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Also on:GBA, PS2, DS, Xbox 360
GF Rating

359 ratings

Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Destroy Enemies

Use A 3x and B 2x

  • 142753869
    destroy all enemies
Never be Affected

Use A 3x and B 2x

  • bernard
    never be affected
Destroy Walls

Use A 3x and B 2x

  • 986753421
    destroy the walls
Full Health

Use A 3x and B 2x

  • 753869
    full health

Enter the following from the Cheats menu:

  • 28260
    Unlock One Hit Dishonor
  • 65049
    Unlimited Health
  • 66206
    Unlimited Specials
  • 85061
    Unlocks Gallery
  • 89121
    Maxes Out Your Level
  • 90210
    Unlocks 2x Damage
  • 99801
    Unlocks All Bonus Games