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Avatar: The Burning Earth


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GF Rating


Meh... Watch the TV show, it's more fun

posted by Quilemaul (NORTH LAS VEGAS, NV) Oct 20, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

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I like that this game, unlike the previous Avatar game, actually follows along episode for episode season two's main plot. You actually care about the storyline this time cause it's the same one the show's writers came up with that made the show a hit in the first place. That being said (And Kudos to fixing THAT part THQ...) now we need to focus on the gameplay. Same EXACT gameplay as the first Avatar game... Boring, bad direction detection (Say that ten times fast) in combat, and my main beef... they're still using BUTTON PRESSES FOR BENDING MOVES!!! THQ, watch the show! The bending is all about movement, be it simple or complex, but it isn't done just by pressing a button! Leave that to the PS and XB versions, there's a reason I tried this game on the DS, I wanted to do some bending with the stylus!!! Fix this flaw and you'd have a great game THQ, well, that and quit making the AI sit there in the blind spot of the 8 way D-Pad (Hint, when you press diagonal, start an attack and then let go of the D-Pad, your character shouldn't default to the last/closest TRUE N/S/E/W direction he/she was facing, yes THQ, I'm talking to you!) All in all, it'd be a great game for kids, but if you're over the age of 13 (I'm twice that in case anybody's counting), just go buy season two on DVD (Or on Xbox Live, THANK YOU MICRO$OFT!!!)

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GF Rating


too short

posted by fire7672 (OAK HARBOR, WA) Jul 26, 2008

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i found that the game was too short although it was fun

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