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Avatar - The Last Airbender: Into the Inferno

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Third time is no charm for "Avatar"

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Nov 7, 2008

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As I was playing Avatar: Into the Inferno, I got a thought in my head:
Lead Developer: We've got a five hour game that has to be stretched out. Any suggestions?
Assistant: Well, we could throw in long load screens and clunky bending controls.
Lead: That's not enough.
Assist: Well, we can put in really tough puzzles that aren't logical or rational at all so the players get stuck really easily. And we have the player battle massive numbers of basic fighters.
Lead: Good, that's what I'm looking for.
Avatar: Into the Inferno isn't all that bad; there's some ingenious puzzles, and fans of the show will like playing as their favorite characters.
But this game has several problems.
First, the stationary camera makes it hard to traverse the level. It can also get blocked by stationary items, making it hard for you to see what's going on screen.
Second, the bending controls are imprecise and clunky. Grabbing water or fire was incredibly difficult. Fighting off bad guys was better done by mashing the A button.
Third, some of the puzzles - namely in the Western Air temple - fail to follow any logic. In one puzzle the player has to do actions in a sequence, but the sequence you uncover is wrong - you'll have to try all possibilities in order to find the right sequence.
Fourth, the fights are boring. Bad guys just drop in from the sky in many, many waves. For some reason, the average fighter can block a flaming bolt with his bare hands. How's that possible?
Fifth, the load screens are very long and occur too often.
And the game's too short; I finished it in about five to six hours.
Only die hard fans of the show should get Avatar: Into the Inferno. The rest of us can skip this game.

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The avatar into the inferno

posted by lyonkyn19 (PHILADELPHIA, PA) Oct 14, 2009

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this game never came

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Best One

posted by Reviewer15 (FAYETTE, AL) Aug 11, 2010

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This game is probably the best Avatar game. Controls and Graphics and Gameplay is a lot of fun(You can completely control the elements!!!). Its completely the story of Book 3 except everything isn't there( unimportant parts). I recommend the cheat codes and getting help on the Air Temple part on YouTube from Bakuganpokemon2468.

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