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Almost A Decent Game

posted by jvivlemore (ROSEVILLE, CA) Jun 17, 2010

Member since Jul 2007

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I really was anxious for this game even though I knew it wasn't going to be a Next-Gen title. The graphics are original xbox but if you can get over that it's not a bad open world game.

It does have some flaws though. One of which is the paths it tries to tell you to take marked on a HUD and arrows in the streets often confuse you. If you pay attention to the arrows they aren't always in the best places so you may take the wrong road on accident.

Another flaw is trying to unlock cases. I rented this from gamefly of course so I didn't have the instruction manual and after the first few cases I didn't have access to any others. There's another option called "patrol" just like "cases" and basically it allows you to drive around anywhere and everywhere and "patrol" although I didn't notice anyone breaking traffic laws or anything so it made no sense to me. It would have been nice to make traffic stops on vehicles running lights and/or speeding but no one does that. Yes the game actually has turn signals you can use which was kind of cool but served no purpose.

I found out that to unlock other cases you basically had to waste time doing "patrol" and driving around for no reason. I played probably the first 5-6 cases and sent it back. This game had really nice potential of being a GOOD police game but it is nothing close to games like Need For Speed (Hot Pursuit). I hope that if they make another one they take the time to polish the final design before releasing it.

I wanted to enjoy this but it just fell short of my expectations.

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Highway Police

posted by Flint879 (ALTOONA, PA) May 31, 2010

Member since Sep 2008

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For those of you who don't know what Autobahn is, it's a long stretch of highway in Europe and is considered the most dangerous highway to drive on. This game is a bad depiction of that. You just play as an Autobahn cop and all you do is go on GTA-esque missions. Not much for excitement, but if you liked the game Wreckless, this game will be up your alley.

GRAPHICS: They aren't bad surprisingly. They aren't quite like Red Dead Revolver or Splinter Cell Conviction good, but they can hold their own.

SOUND: The sound effects are actually pretty top notch. The car sounds very good, but the voice acting is some terrible attempts at Euro accents.

STORY: I couldn't find a story in here. As far as I'm concerned, you just roam around doing meaningless missions until something big happens.

CONTROLS: Surprisingly decent. Sometimes they don't respond right away, but they are pretty easy to grab ahold of.

GAMEPLAY: This is where I couldn't find much good. The only fun part is to drive around aimlessly and cause you own destruction. That fun could hold someone over for about an hour or 2. The driving is very smooth, but sometimes very jerky and difficulty making turns is a problem.

-Story isn't much of anything in this game
-Controls aren't responsive when switching from forward to reverse
-Turning corners is difficult due to the fact that you don't have an E-Brake button, which is replaced by a "press button, watch this rev your engine to 7000rpms and have you spin out of control" button
-Checkpoint system is frustrating, sending you all the way to the start of the mission if you fail is not cool.

I didn't like this game, but others will like the Wreckless vibe of the game. Of all the elements the game has to offer, in the end, Autobahn Polizei wasn't for me. I wouldn't really recommend it for anyone other than fans of 1. Wreckless 2. Games that don't allow you to leave your vehicle. Like Driver. Except Driver was fun.

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posted by Jordy2013 (STANWOOD, WA) Aug 27, 2010

Member since Aug 2010

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When I got this game in the mail i was really excited to play it. Once i put it in my 360 and played it for 2 minutes, I took it back out! The graphics are not good by any means, the cars aren't licensed, they look like it but they slightly change the body frame of the vehicle. You cant roam the streets and pull people over like a normal police officer would do, not drive to a mission spot and count from 3 down to one before starting mission. The driving is the most unrealistic i have played! There's just so many things wrong with this game! OH, another thing, they have missions where people are getting out of the car, and you don't see anybody walking, there's no people what so ever in the game, no peds. anything. This game isn't getting any recomendations from me!

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