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Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland


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25 minutes in and I was tearing up... from boredom

posted by MrGelowe (JACKSONVILLE, FL) Apr 17, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

This is basically glorified anime RPG. I can totally see a 10 year old getting into this game. I could not get passed the idiotic dialogues. You know those pointless dialogues that plague most animes, except here it is never ending.

First 25 minutes is basically a tutorial like in pokemon. You cannot turn the camera, you cannot leave the starter zone.

Even the monsters in the game are fluffy cute creatures that you want to hug. I do first impression videos on youtube and I wanted to poke my eyes out.

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posted by lost_wishes (LOVELAND, CO) Dec 26, 2011

Member since Dec 2011

I didn't really care for this game actually. Then again it was a very slow intro and there was a ton of learning. I love RPG's but this one took WAY to long to get to the story line. Also, the main character is pretty pathetic. I wouldn't recommend this game to someone who is looking for a quick paced-FF-style-kind of game.

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by yopeople (SAN MARCOS, CA) Oct 11, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

Just another typical Japanese RPG, Great and beautiful art but graphic wise is a bit cartoony which is still good in a way.

Characters voices where right on the money. i can say that i enjoyed the game just for the voices of the characters and that's a very rare thing in me to look for a game like that.

Game play was just like an rpg game containing a turn base style and very little monster that were recycled.

armor/weapons are crafted by just a single brick of iron or "ingot" and cloths. no such thing as ultimate weapon or armor. u give a guy some cloth and he makes you a piece of armor from a category you choose from the list with just 1 piece of cloth likewise with armor/ingot
very cheap to make as well...the highest price to make the highest grade of weapon is 1,000 and something...

the best part of the game was crafting system. each item you harvest has a special trait and combining some trait together in a recipe create and item with all the harvesting traits. of course you need to pick those traits from a list of harvesting traits that was added to a recipe with a maximum of 5picks.

learning new recipe is bought from shops. only 1 city and 2 towns you will go through. ( not very big)

Story line was not linear. multiple endings but in order to get a perfect or true ending you need to play the game repeatedly. go anywhere and everywhere you want. A lot of landscaping to explore but the maps are very small. you can reach from one side of the map to the other side of the map in about 5 seconds or so. about 5+ big maps and i mean big maps.

buying this game would take about 100+ hours.
if your going to rent this game, you will never see the true end

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