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Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland


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Addictive, or I Just Alchemized Crystal Meth

posted by IllogicalJ (BROOKLYN, NY) Oct 8, 2010

Member since May 2005

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For all the obsessive-compulsive people out there, or anyone who enjoys forging/synthesizing/item-creating in MMORPGs, your drug of choice has just appeared. There's a light-at-heart, character-driven narrative that takes place over the three-year story, and rather than fighting an evil villain, you play Rorona, an apprentice alchemist who is tasked with keeping her workshop afloat.

Gameplay breaks down neatly into two categories: Alchemy and Adventure. You'll Adventure to go out into the field, fighting monsters and harvesting goods from their corpses and from the colorful dungeons. You'll then Alchemy those components into new items, items that can then create other items, be forged into armor/weapons, or be used to complete assignments from your party members and, most importantly, from the king. All of these actions eat up days, and the flow of the game is broken up by 80-90 day deadlines, at the end of which you must have submitted enough of the king's requests to satisfy him. If not . . . game over.

The trick is time-management, which would be fine if the game didn't force you to memorize character locations and then run about every few days to check in with them for new requests, and if it weren't so frustrating to organize and deliver those items. But to the game's credit, each month brings a new twist to the system: new shops open, new characters join, and eventually, you are given the ability to store up to ten items in each shop--allowing you to buy them in the future, rather than eating up days on end to make them again. Moreover, you're also given a Mystery Bag that eases management--but like I said, if you're not into that, it won't matter.

The good news is that the game is fairly easy to breeze through; the bad news is that if you want the good ending, then you'll be grinding elixirs like there's no tomorrow. The dialogue is whimsical enough to keep you going, and there's always something new in store, but unless you like repetition, stay away.

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GF Rating

Very Good

I actually like this game.

posted by arumat (DAHLGREN, VA) Oct 5, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

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I don't know why I like this more than dead rising, but I do.
I guess it is one of those hit or miss games so it can either be really good or really bad. But like most of my reviews, I have to post the pros and cons.

You can choose which characters you want to choose as your two friends to help you with your quest.

There are a lot of girls (I'm a guy so yeah, the more the girls the better, don't even kid yourself if you don't know what I mean)

You can make a lot of things through alchemy.

The game is a block of cheese, it's an acquired taste.


YOU HAVE TO HIRE FRIENDS. yeah, it's pretty sad you have to buy to have friends to come with you to do missions. You are a loner 14 year old whom have pedo stalkers.

A lot of the girls are 13 year olds (OH NO, LOLICON!!!!!!!!!) and the 25 year old knight likes the 14 year old rorona, yeah...that bad..

It takes a lot of money and time managing skills to make items and it's hard to make money.

If you are afraid of playing a relatively girly but manly oriented game...well then this isn't for you...the girls blush like there is no tomorrow and bleh... it isn't as bad as other gust games however.

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This game if offensively bad.

posted by spooky79tx (AUSTIN, TX) Feb 19, 2013

Member since Aug 2012

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Leave out the pedo undertones in the game. It is terrible! Fighting is poorly designed and the game plays like some weird version of Harvest Moon.

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