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Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland


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Not the best in the series

posted by VGking (PUNTA GORDA, FL) Oct 6, 2010

Member since Jul 2005

11 out of 17 gamers (65%) found this review helpful

Atelier Rorona is the 11 Atelier game in the franchise and the fifth to make it over seas (not counting the two Mana Khemia spin offs). If you played Atelier Annie on the DS then your already know how this game works, Your given a task every few months that you have to complete to progress the thin story all while fighting a restrictive time setting, so what's good what's bad lets have a look


There is a sense of accomplishment for getting the assignments done.

The characters do have a certain charm about them, in a cliche anime character sorta way.

One playthrough will generally last only about 15 hours, so by RPG standards is relativity short


The charm isn't enough to detract you from how one dimensional the characters are.

While the grachics are greatly improved over the PS2 Atelier games, there still at best PS2 quality

Tutorials could be more descriptive. For example the tutorial for weapon creation never makes clear that you only need on Ingot or Cloth to make something, So one might make two ingots with two different effects in preparations to make a stronger weapon only to find out that they only needed one.

Non compelling story, The story is that with recent technological advances in the society of Arland a lot of decided a Factory would be more helpful then an Atelier, But since the kingdom is in the depth of the founder of the Atelier they decide to give the owner of the atelier a test, complete twelve assignments, keep the workshop. The owner then gives the workshop to her pupil, Rorona.

Several elements that made other Atelier games compelling games have been removed.

Dull repetitive combat.

In closing
Atelier Rorona is just plain dull, there is nothing compelling here to make people want to play through it once, let alone the multiple play throughs to get all the trophies. If your interested in this game out of curiosity then get a game in the Atelier Iris or Mana Khemia series, but don't waste your time with Rorona.

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posted by synce (CUMBERLAND, MD) Oct 1, 2012

Member since Sep 2012

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

This is a fairly challenging game if you don't plan on doing any level grinding. But if you have the time to invest in it, it can be pretty fun. The characters are cute, the music is relaxing, and the art is beautiful. If you're expecting teenage angst and villains that want to destroy the world, you won't find it here. Just enjoy your stay in Arland.

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Vaguely entertaining, but not challenging enough

posted by BURZUM (TROY, AL) Nov 30, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

10 out of 17 gamers (59%) found this review helpful

Atelier Rorona: Alchemist of Arland is not a game with much depth; if there is any at all. Basically, you have 3 years to complete a series of tasks for the kingdom in order to keep your lazy master's alchemy workshop open to the public, whereas the kingdom would like to see it shut down.
You must create various concoctions for the kingdom every 3 months, which require you often to venture outside the realm of Arland to find. Sounds easy enough, right? That's because it is. Too easy, in fact. You might think that you have to rush in order to collect the items and mix together in time to beat the deadline; when in fact you pretty much only have to spend usually less than 20 days out of the 89 available to complete the tasks successfully. You can perfect your concoctions like I did, but there is little point in doing so.

There aren't any real challenges or intellectually-stimulating puzzles to solve, just a bunch of running back and forth between destinations to gather the necessary supplies to complete the simple tasks set for you by the kingdom.

I played it through to completion just to see what would happen (if it would get any better), but it never did. The plot was full of holes, and left me wondering what was supposed to be going on between the main character and some other nefarious figures who apparently factor into the story somehow.
Loooooooooong story short, this game is not worth playing, unless you truly have NOTHING better to do with your time. Like me ;)

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