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I love this whole series!

posted by CritScott (QUAKERTOWN, PA) Apr 18, 2014

Member since Jun 2010

Progressively better than the last chapters - I love the storyline, relaxing music, item-gathering and [I view as pure comedy] pointless Japanese dialog. The characters are always lavishly dressed - which leads me to believe this game must be a launchpad for digital fashion design.
I will say as I do in all my Atelier game reviews, that this is not a typical game, and many will put it down because they think it's supposed to be "intense" or be overly challenging. I feel thats the whole point - it's not! No matter what your play style, you will not lose lives. The battles and missions which you can do any time throughout the timeline will give you points to level up. This allows you to see greater areas of map to explore and gather materials used in the alchemy, and further the storyline.
Time Requirements: actually, it seems like there are zero time restraints, but you are expected to find and reach certain goals in the games ie: "3 years", but it's almost a non-point. Winning in this game means finding Ayesha's sister, Neo, which almost has nothing to do with the gameplay. nor does any action you do in game come close to this (I find that hilarious!)
Characters: This chapter brings in a whole new combo of characters, and I feel the new alchemy expert, Ayesha is way less annoying and has a wonderful voice, attitude and personality (wheras in previous chapter, Meruru, was quite annoying with her shrilling, whiny voice.)
Storyline: This storyline is much more engaging, and takes you deeper into alchemy it's mysteries. Interaction with characters is funny and entertaining too.
Alchemy and gameplay: As you might expect, the new interface and alchemy goals are refined and in top form. Finding and using the alchemy ingredients to make things used in the game are in top-form as well. Making explosive weapons to battle the various enemies is just one of the many cool things that make this game fun to play.
Overall, Great game!!!

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this game is nice and the reviews lie!

posted by peterce1111 (EAST LONGMEADOW, MA) Sep 8, 2013

Member since Apr 2012

u r not timed in this game I enjoyed the plot and story u must rent this game asap!

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Love this Game.

posted by kanochi (ARVADA, CO) Mar 11, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

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I've personally never played any of the previous Atelier games, and I wasn't sure if it was going to be a brand new story or a sequel so I was a bit worried going into it, but it's a brand new story.

To be honest I'm still a bit sad that they didn't include the original Japanese voice acting but after a couple hours I got over it, and the english voices can be pretty cute once you get used to them.

But anyways on to the game, the crafting system in this game is just wow it's the best system I've ever seen in a game. There is so much to it, and as you level up your crafting you gain even more different combinations and such I played this game for 48 hours so far, and I've probably spent at least 20 of that just playing around with the crafting system.

Personally the combat system I found entertaining mostly because I enjoyed creating new items and trying them out, without that though it's a pretty standard combat system usually you end up doing the same kinda combat over and over and the animations can get a bit tiresome after seeing the same move for the 100th time. But regardless it's a solid combat system I can't really fault it, there are better ones out there but the turn based combat system does have a certain charm to it.

I really did enjoy the story, and there is around 9 or 10 endings to the game to see so there certainly is a lot to see and do in the game. I won't spoil the actual story since that would kinda take a lot away from the game so that's all I have to say on that haha.

The music is top notch most times I hardly pay attention to the music in games let alone remember anything about it 10 minutes after I stop playing it, but it had some really beautiful songs and one that was even from my favorite singer lol so that was special.

Anyways I definitely think the game is worth checking out if you enjoy RPGs.

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