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Like a Mid-90's Shounen Anime...

posted by Ryujisama (MARIETTA, GA) May 15, 2012

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Asura's Wrath feels just like those Early to Mid 90's Shounen Anime shows like Dragon Ball Z. I mean that in that the game makes players feel like the baddass ball of rage that is Asura, who I've now dubbed the angriest person in all of video games (sorry Kratos). The game's visuals are pretty impressive, and the story is as typical as they come. You're a great warrior in a seemingly never-ending war, and you get betrayed by your fellow warriors who are led by a guy who thinks the current way of doing things is too slow. Even the stereotypical character archetypes are there: The guy who cares about nothing but fighting, the cool and collected counterpart rival to the main character who is always hot-headed, the guy who believes size = power, the creepy effeminate villain that talks like a child molester, they're all here! Everything is over-the-top in this game, from the characters to the action, and it's all brilliant for fans of manly anime and manga such as myself.

That being said, this game isn't for everyone... This game is FULL of QTEs (quick time events), and those who are turned off by this feature will not enjoy this game, as it's in 90% of it. Thankfully, those who are not so good with timing can be grateful that the game doesn't punish you too harshly for mucking up the timing. Another bad point is that most of the game focuses on you filling up your "rage meter" in order to progress the story, so if you're not interested in the story, this isn't the game for you. Sitting down, and marathoning this game, I could finish it in about a full day's time, including the DLC episodes, so that's something to think about too.

Personally, I thought the game was awesome. It didn't seem like it was worth to buy, but I'm glad I chose to rent through Gamefly. I've been waiting for this game, and despite Capcom's recent screwups, this was one of the few good things that came out. Give it a try, folks.

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Asura's Wreally good.

posted by StarRaven (WELLINGTON, FL) Apr 5, 2012

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So, first and foremost, this may be the perfect GameFly game.

It's short, as you've probably already read, and that makes it perfect for renting, rather than buying outright. Great way to spend a day or two, depending on how you decide to spread out a few hours.

The game gets a lot of flak for being short. And if you bought it, that's kind of a bummer, but people seem content with COD and any FPS which is just as short, if not shorter and the story sucks.

Asura's got a pretty neat story, which is also told well, and with great voice acting. It's a bit more "sci-fi" (not sure if that's an accurate description) than I expected, but it works well with the interpretation and art style.
The characters are all awesome.
The enemies... meh...
Gameplay is a bit weird. There's TONS of cut scenes to drive the story, and actually less gameplay than I expected, even after reading the reviews. It's basically broken into two types,
Type 1: is a bunch of shooting, almost on rails. I don't like this. The lock-on indicaters are huge and bright and fill up the whole screen... feels like I'm playing Rez or something.
Type 2: is 3rd person combat. This part is good. Mostly just brawls and stuff and it's pretty good.

So game plays out as so... Cut scene, battle sequence, another scene, maybe another battle, another scene, ending scene, comic scene, preview for next chapter scene (SPOILERS) and then repeat.

I really wish however that the game was a full on 3rd person beat em up, with exploration and more moves, grabs, maybe interactive environments (throw enemies into objects, throw objects into enemies, pick up weapons, etc. etc.) but the game isn't like that unfortunately.

The preview for the next chapter DOES kinda spoil some stuff... but, I guess if you see a glimpse of an awesome boss battle, it will incline you to keep playing?

Ultimately, this is a great game to GameFly. Good story, characters, voice acting. Just, not as much gameplay, and not the "best"

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by Dreads1412 (STATESVILLE, NC) May 15, 2012

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There is nothing i can say to down play this game graphics amazing, gameplay intense story wish it were a real anime movie. it has everything you would want in an action.

if i had to find any negative thing about this game it would be the no time to rest cut scene it's a continuous play through. i'm the type of gamer who enjoys sitting back and watching cut scenes but you have to pay attention do to the QTEs. not a bad thing but just kinda annoying especially since MGS4 is my favorite game and they have 90 cut scenes lol

but yea good game

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