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posted by Papapandabear1 (DES MOINES, IA) May 6, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

button mashing at its finest, after you fill your bar you hit right trigger and hit several pre determined buttons. rinse and repeat and thats this entire game. the fighting just doesn't seem to flow right and the game glitches as i was able to fight a monster by literally glitching into the side of it and mashing the fighting buttons to kill it. the story is pretty bleak and boring but i enjoyed the opening scene. there's so much talking in this game that i thought i was watching a movie and began to skip it not caring, the entirety of the chapters is about 5-10 minutes of fighting and gameplay followed up by 10 minutes of talking and looking at a picture and reading more about the uninteresting story and then it recaps everything that just happened as if i didnt just hear or read it. asuras wrath is really short but has dlc's that are supposed to finish the story, why would i buy an unfinished game then have to buy the ending? oh wait thats why i have gamefly. it's barely worth a rent and i do actually enjoy anime-ish games but i was disappointed in this game.

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posted by InsaneHumanity (CLINTON, WA) May 5, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

I absolutely loved this game. I'm one that usually skips a cut scene that involves the story, but this game had me waiting to see what happened next.

The game-play for this game is a mix of player controlled fights, and fights where you are prompted to press a certain button. The latter happening during cut scenes, or taking place somewhere in the midst of your player controlled battle.

I gave this game a 9/10, and the only reason for that, was because of how short the game was. Took me about 6 hours to beat, which considering a game with such a long story line, I expected a bit more.

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Very Good

Different but Familiar

posted by Caboxb (SALT LAKE CITY, UT) Mar 17, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

Like of the other reviews this game is different from most action/adventure games like God of War, Bayonetta & Devil May Dry, but at the same time they are really alike.

One thing that I have noticed that is different that in Asura's Wrath is that you get now breaks in it, when you play the cut scenes have the God of War "move the stick left & push A or B" style but at they can be stuff like punching someone in the face or getting up. Another thing which I was really disappointed was that you only have one weapon through out the game, unlike the other games I mentioned, when you defeated a boss or something you get another weapon well in this is only one "weapon": your fists. One last thing is that the game is really focused on story it is more like an interactive movie than a game and like others say it is like an anime.

But I do like the story it kept me on my feet and interested, the fights were epic and it was just fun to play! Really rent this game play through it enjoy it and return it. In the end you get another "bar" where you can play without your health being seen and like wise with the opponents. But besides playing the story mode there really isn't anything else to do but play it again.

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