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Original And Awesome

posted by Jakaah (BROKEN ARROW, OK) May 21, 2012

Member since May 2012

What to say about this game....Oh yeah fun,visually mind blowing, epic. Asura's Wraith is not really a game but a really interactive anime/movie. The story revolves around a Demi-God Asura who is betrayed by his own group,The Eight General Guardians, who also kill your wife, take your daughter, and put you down for a few years(A 100 or so, so not that long). As you wake up you vow to get your daughter back and kill your group(who are now the Seven Deities.
The scenes were you get control usually have you fighting until you fill up a "Burst Gauge" and then going on to the next QTE. Now even though this sounds boring it is actually quite entertaining. The enemies start to become a challenge and you have multiple combos to use against them. But it doesn't shine on that. It's all about the cutscenes and QTE baby. The cutscenes do incredibly well on showing of the characters, story, and goals.(As well as how mad Asura can get.) The QTE somehow make you feel like your watching an epic fighting anime with you casually helping how it effects the outcome. This is simple but comes with marvelous effects.
If the game is getting boring or you want help with it, there are gauges you unlock that enhance or challenge you(Ex Blind Guage=You cant tell what your health or how filled up your gauge is, or the Mortal Gauge=Which makes you significantly weaker health wise.) Overall this game had it's doubts but it came out good. It's short but well worth the replays. Don't pass up the game it is well worth the rent. (oh and you do not need to buy the ending of the game,which has been claimed by multiple people. You have to get a certain number of A ranks or higher on a certain number of missions. It's really not that hard to do,trust me. Then the game will notify you of the new ending and you go from there.) 8.75/10

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GF Rating

Very Good

Like Watching A Tv Series

posted by Haven00 (LAS VEGAS, NV) May 10, 2012

Member since Jun 2011

I thought this was just going to be another beat em up game, but it turned out better than I expected. The battles are nothing that are insanely awesome, but the cut-scenes and all the fast action synchronization made the game more fun. Reminded me a lot of Shenmue (because of the buttons you have to press in the middle of battle) mixed in with a DBZ cartoon, haha. Great story behind it as well. I felt an attachment with a few of the characters. Yasha's theme song is my favorite =3.

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GF Rating

Above Average

"I wish this had been an OVA or an anime seri

posted by Celor997 (FREDERICK, MD) May 6, 2012

Member since Jan 2009

Don't get me wrong, Asura's Wrath is not bad. In fact, it's rather good. At least, the animation and absurdity of it all is. But the gameplay in this one is fairly bland; it's more or less an anime series with QTEs (Quick-time events) thrown in.

Now, let me go a little more into detail on the gameplay in this. Aside from the QTEs, there are two other gameplay types: battle mode and the scrolling shooter mode. The battle mode is basically mash the attack button, then hit a button to do a special attack, then wait for the cooldown bar to reset.
The scrolling shooter segments are exactly what you'd think: scrolling shooters with guys shooting energy bombs out of their hands.

Okay, that negativity out of the way, I'll actually say this: the game is a retelling of Hindu mythology in a sci-fi setting; kind of like what Too Human tried to do. You play the role of Asura, who is one of eight guardian demigods, and is well known for his rage in combat. He winds up saving the world from a massive demon called a Gohma (in this case, one called "Vlitra") living within the earth.
And then, after subduing the Gohma Vlitra, the other gods decide to betray him, kill his wife, and kidnap his daughter.

This all happens within maybe the first hour of the game.

Alright, my pros and cons for it:

+Beautiful graphical presentation (the graphics and art style are really amazing, and I just love it)
+Insanely good story and storytelling (I mean, the story may take more than a few cues from anime series, but I loved it throughout the entire game)
+Decent English voice-over (for once I made it through a game without switching to Japanese)

-Gameplay and QTEs (This game is 90% QTE, 5% fights that lead into QTEs, and 5% rail shooter that leads into QTEs.)

Bottom line:
This has one of the most insane stories I've ever seen, and I loved every second of it. However, I loathed the reflex test every few seconds, and it really killed my desire to replay it.

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