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Awesome LOOKING Game, Plays more like a cartoon

posted by Thumpdizzle81 (PHOENIX, AZ) Jul 19, 2012

Member since Feb 2012

Alright, So after playing the demo for Asura's Wrath at a friends house, I was pretty stoked on getting the game to play through it. Right away I was wrapped up in the lore, the story had me hooked and wanting to know more.

At the same time however I started to notice a LARGE amount of the dreaded Quick Time Events (QTE's) and how quickly "episodes" seemed to end. I continued to trudge through the game in hope that the gameplay mechanics would show some growth, but unfortunately they did not.

Aside from the AWESOME graphics and great story, I feel kind of cheated. It seems like Capcom was more interested in telling a story (which is a good one) than developing a deep, fun, and fulfilling game.

It gets to a point where all the Mobs are the same, red, mutated jungle animals, and then the mega large Bosses varied, but not enough to make up for other shortcomings.

Basically I can sum it up like this...

Ya know that GAMEFLY commercial about never playing a bad game again, and thats the reason to get GAMEFLY?? Yea, thats kinda how this game made me feel. 5 out fo 10 for me, Beautiful, but I'd much rather just WATCH an anime or read a manga, than "play" it


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GF Rating

Very Good

Not a Full game

posted by Xakren (TUCSON, AZ) Jul 17, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

This was more of an interactive anime show than a video game. The graphics were amazing! The story draws you in quickly. Luckily I love the idea of an interactive anime show, however the game play was really short and dissapointing. If you like animes this is a great game. If not it might not be your cup of tea.

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Really is a fun game! If you like good storylines

posted by carnanian (Gilbert, AZ) Jul 8, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

This game really is a wonderful feeling of rage and the feeling of beating the heck out of all of these gods is great! Playing the demo made me think the game was stupid... really a sword stabbing all the way through a planet in a matter of five seconds? sounds crazy but when wrapped around the story it was amazing. each episode is about 20-30 minutes or so but you really do only get about 5 minutes of fighting. but when youre really immersed into the quick time events and the normal fighting it really feels like 20 minutes of fighting these enemies. Plenty of times i have finished an episode thinking "wow that was a great 20 minutes of fighting" but when i get my score i was only fighting for about 5 minutes (it tells you) thats the beauty of this game. you feel so immersed into it that you lose track of time and can play it for hours. sure its only 6 hours or so but its something you can finish on one lazy sunday and send it back the next day. The graphics really are spectacular and if you like Dragon Ball Z or any series close to that you will LOVE this game! Definitely worth a rent thats why we have gamefly right?

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