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Asura's Wrath


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Rent it and You won't regret it

posted by LIQUIDFX00 (BIRMINGHAM, AL) Apr 13, 2012

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7 out of 8 gamers (88%) found this review helpful

Great game like a good anime but with abiltiy to control it. It is short so it makes for an excellent rental. This game is so visually appealling. Rent it. Do it NOW!!

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Very Good

this is an interactive DVD not a game.

posted by Wrathel (BRONX, NY) May 26, 2012

Member since May 2011

6 out of 7 gamers (86%) found this review helpful

It's just like watching anime, it's amazing story line don't get me wrong but this is no video game, is DVD that you need to watch and you only play during fights, you can beat this game in one day or two, I guarantee it.
Thank god for GameFly! I would have been beyond mad if I bought this game,this is a game you rent and later buy at a discount at the GameFly store.

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Behold: Anime Masquerading as a Video Game!

posted by herpofool (WHITEFISH, MT) Jun 22, 2012

Member since May 2012

5 out of 6 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

Don't be put off by the number score; I'm telling you right now, this game is as fun as a barrel full of monkeys! However, it's just that this isn't so much of a game as it is more of a rollercoaster. The whole game plays out more like an anime series as the majority of the game is taken up by quick time events on top of beautiful animations and crazy action.
Seeing how this is more of a show rather than a game, we have to take more into account the story and execution; both of which have been topped off with great talent. The action will get at least the most guilty Dragonball Z fan absolutely excited, and the story pulls strings of anger or adoration for the characters within. I'll tell you right now, chapters 10 and 11 are the very best in the whole game; just you see.
The musical score is purely brilliant; so well orchestrated and befitting the various situations greatly.
But when you get down to the meat of the gameplay...there's no meat to it. You're gonna be trying to get to the marrow of the bone to get some actual gameplay, as the beat-em-up and on-rails-shooting segments are usually unfullfilling. Especially the brawling; smack on a legion of enemies or enemy enough until you've filled up a gauge, release it in order to get into the next segment. Flying shooter segments are a bit more entertaining, but still not too varied. It leaves to be desired.
But once again, I have to tell you: Don't take this as a game, take it as an experience. This is a madhouse of awesomeness with explosive fun within the story and visuals. Those into asian culture will notice nice touches of hindu and buddhist influence in the game mythos. I'll say it again: check it out!

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