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posted by Fishhobbyest (FALLBROOK, CA) Aug 15, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

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No need to say anything but just that it is very boring game i have more fun witha pokemon game thats for sure

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Assassins Creed Review

posted by KyleFer (HARRISBURG, NC) Apr 26, 2008

Member since Apr 2008

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I enjoyed this game alot, and getting every achievement for it was a blast. This games history was very accurate, and I really enjoyed the basics of an ARMY of assassins. Like the fact that the Assassins Bureau's are always located in the center of adjacent buildings, with no doors to get in, the only way in is to scale the buildings and jump down through the rooftop, so no civilians will even know its there. The storyline is a little sketchy, I highly doubt they will make a machine soon where you can relive genetic memories, however genetic memories could exist.

The game play is graphically amazing, and the animations are speechless, sword fighting in this game is on a level I have never seen before. I like the basic things other game designers overlook, like how when you are surrounded and the guards are afraid to strike yet, and you equip your hidden blade, he pulls his hand back so the blade will come out of its armband and then point it at the enemy, yet if you hold the right trigger to inapt a high profile action, he puts the blade behind his back but still has it out, hiding it from the foe He's facing, so when the foe strikes believing you are harmless, you can dodge the blow and put the blade in his head, and he had no idea what was coming.

However it is still an amazing experience being able to be Altier, an assassin who has mastered the art of free running, stealth, and killing, but not obedience. living in 1191 A.D. during the Third Crusade, video games are the time machines of the 21st century, and this game is an incredible experience. The fact that this ARMY of people DID exist in 1191 A.D. just makes it more believable.

My only complaint, that really drove me crazy, was the fact that Monks are called Scholars in this game, just because of the religious content. I highly doubt Assassins Creed would have been taken off the shelves for calling them Monks, this just makes it unrealistic.

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Assassins Creed reaches high and catches the ledge

posted by My360Games (ALLEN, TX) Sep 14, 2008

Member since Sep 2008

9 out of 10 gamers (90%) found this review helpful

Assassins Creed is an amazing game with excellent graphics and game play, it falls short from a perfect 10 due to its lack of plot and a repetitive environment. For though of you who tire from a good but repetitive game assassins creed will have you bored and out of fun in no time at all. All though the setting changes and the difficulty and look of the enemy change you can still see the copy and paste fights that you encounter throughout the cities. The fighting is fun and there are new abilities to unlock after each city is completed but the game lacks any new and drastic differences as you progress through the game.
That's not to say that the repetitive missions and main objective aren't good. There's nothing wrong with using a good mission idea again, but some find it detracts from the game.
Ignoring the lack of verity in objectives the game is flawless in its both its intricacy and cinematography. There is nothing quite like running through ancient Jerusalem killing guards with throwing knifes and hidden daggers as you jump from roof top to roof top. The game has an excellent game interface that allows you to run like the wind, sore like an eagle, fight like a tiger, and strike like a snake.
All in all this game could have been perfect but is held back by its repetitive though interesting mission objectives, this is still not enough to destroy its amazingly addictive combination of realistic environment and intuitive controls. This game makes a great addition to the library of anyone who enjoys a good single player action adventure game. We can only hope the second and third Assassins Creeds will be just as good and have a more varied and intricate plot.

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