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Think Zelda meets Hitman(w/a dash of sands o time)

posted by foolmanchu (BRISTOL, WI) Dec 1, 2007

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So, if your reading this your either realy bored, or you have already read the reviews posted by the "top 10 360 reviewer"and decided they werent good enough. Since that is probably not the case, let me ease your bored little mind and tell you why this game is good. For one, lets take a look at who made it.....Ubisoft Montreal.They rock. Next lets take a look at the graphics......okay.well, no, not ok. its more than ok. these graphics are phenominal from start to finish. these graphics will take you mind like a psychotropic drug and make you chase the white pony into the city of god. you will be so immersed in the beautiful lighting and scenery that you will beleive that you ARE IN jerusalem.every stone, every tree, every fabric, looks just like it should. the only complaint i have with the graphics is that with how great everything else looks, the faces on the characters in-game look kinda hokey and fake(they coulda taken a note from half-life.)
now for the gameplay:sure, it has a "one-button combat system", but the combat is so cool looking that you wont even notice. Sure the gameplay may seem a little repetative, but the things you can do are so cool that YOU WONT EVEN NOTICE! and sure...the story may confuse/tick off alot of uptight religious types....but....THE ENTIRE EXPERIENCE OF THIS GAME IS SOO GOOD....wait for it.......YOU WONT EVEN FLIPPING NOTICE!!! this is esentially zelda for big kids, and it does for the 360 what zelda did for the gamecube. now go, rent this game, buy this game....just go do it now! quickly! GO CLIMB THE STEAPLES OF ACRE! THE BUILDINGS OF JERUSALEM! THE TOWERS OF DAMASCUS! GO KILL YOU OPPONENTS IN A STEALTHY MANNER, OR SCREW IT AND JUST WHIP OUT YOUR SWORD AND GO MIDEVIL ON THEIR ACES'! just please......when your done doing all of that....and realize i was right about this game....mark this review as "helpful" so that i too can have people other than those who are bored reading my reviews. NOW GO RENT ASSASSINS CREED!

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Very Good

Jerusalem never looked so good

posted by aroness26 (FRESNO, CA) Sep 27, 2009

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As I walk through ancient Jerusalem my eyes behold the mighty majesty of this majestic beauty in the barren desert of this world.......and a home of a deadly assassin.
This game from beginning to end is visually stunning from every minor detail. From cracks in the walls for climbing to beautiful gritty character designs this game is visually jaw dropping.
The story of this game is done very well. A man sent out to slaughter 9 men to send a message through Jerusalem but in the end all having one thing in common, the memory of a certain individual. From beginning to end this story will be gripping you and pulling you in.
The combat is good, but in stages. In the beginning you are given a few basic controls and abilities but as the game goes on you get more and more. The combat is fun when you get the ability to counter attacks with a deadly attack, combat before this can be a chore.
The one good thing the combat gets right is the use of the hidden glade in your gauntlet, this ability works in almost any situation and made me wonder why have any of the other weapons?
From beginning to end this game pulled me in but the end I must say did end rather abruptly and almost without warning. If they had fixed this and the combat this game could of been fantastic, rather being merely good.
Ubisoft took a good idea and really made something out of it that failed at meeting some expectations but raising others. Hopefully Assassins Creed 2 will be even better than the first. Maybe Italy will be this franchises saving grace. But we shall see.

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Very Good

Well made and fun.

posted by kongming (Lake Geneva, WI) Sep 25, 2009

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I know i threw my controller a few times playing this game but i still gave it an 8. Ive never given a game a 10 but part 2 just might make the grade(we'll see).
Gameplay was fun. Combat was simple but enjoyable. Technically you can get all achievements in one playthrough wich is a big bonus for me because i'm a hunter but i don't have the patience to sit through games while i have to beat it on multiple difficulty settings. Of course i had to play through more than once anyways because i missed a cutscene somewhere and missed the "conversationalist" goal but it was even more fun the second time through wich is rare for me. I would have given it a 9 or possibly even 10 but for the repititious nature of the game. You basically bounce between 3 cities and your guild doing the same stuff every time but the storyline and gameplay itself makes up for it. Now i'm just waiting for part 2. Think i'll pull a lister and go into stasis until it does.

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