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First you should kill them quickly since they will get help anyway. Dont use the throwing knives, that wont kill them. The throwing knives will only stun the Templars for one second, so instead use your hidden blade.

Lucy's Security Card

Some of you may have already discovered this, but when you complete the game and Lucy and Doctor Stillmen leave the room and you're free to do what you want, go next to the little computer screen by the Animus and Lucy has left you her security card. With it you can access that computer and read her emails and you will discover an interesting fact. In one of the emails you will also obtain the confrence room security code although completely useless since theres nothing in ther that is of any use to you.

Easy Assignment Kills (Boss)

When you try to assassinate some of the bosses, they run. So you being the cheaters that you are, don't kill his solders. Insted, chase him and equip the hidden blade. Get close enough to him and a message will pop up and say "assassinate". Thats when you attack with X. You should jump into the air and assassinate him.

Easy Templar Kills

When you find a templar hold (A) to blend, make sure you have your hidden blade ready. Then move in as close as you can, if you can get behind him even better. Once in place press (X) for your hidden blade and you will instantly assassinate him. No fights, no calls for help, no problems period. JC

Kill people without penalty

After you beat the game go on story mode and kill people and you won't lose life.